So you can't name your baby Nutella if you live in France, but worry not, this Swiss company will create a unique name for your baby. All you need to have is a spare $32,000 in your bank account. Hey, no one said having a baby was cheap.

According to BabyCenter, Liam, Noah, Mason, Emma, Olivia, and Ava are the top three boys and girls named for 2015 respectively. But why would you want to stay on top of trends when naming your baby is beyond me? 

Enter in Erfolgswelle, the Swiss company that has a team of experts that will create the most original name you could ever think of. The team consists of 14 naming experts, four historians, 12 translators and two trademark attorneys to make sure your baby will be given a one-of-a-kind name.

"We follow a creation process that takes around 100 hours," says Marc Hauser, owner and CEO of Erfolgswelle.

The experts will then present the parents with a list of 15 to 25 names. The team will then provide an additional 10-15 names if they aren't satisfied with the first round of names. But even though the baby's name will be "original," once it's out there, anyone else can use it. 

But the baby's name comes with a mythology to it, making it even more unique. "Based on the elements of the new name, we create a story with a positive message around the name. That's why all the parts of the name need a positive message in it," says Hauser. "We often combine words in a new order. It's like composing music or drawing; like all creatives, we transform existing elements into new, never-heard creations. Or we find fantastic words that were never used before as pre-names."

The names are meant to have some connection to family history or culture and must "roll off the tongue." Guess most names in the Harry Potter series are out. 

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