Whoever doubted the magic of true love? In the age of wearable technology, true love unlocks a high-tech bra. Japanese lingerie maker Ravijour, in celebration of its tenth year anniversary, has released a smart bra called True Love Tester that can only be unhooked if the user is truly in love.

The smart bra comes with sensors that feeds the heart rate of the wearer to a smartphone application via Bluetooth. The mobile application analyzes the heart rate and determines whether it will unhook the bra or not.

"When excited, the adrenal medulla secretes catecholomine, which affects the autonomic nerve, and stimulates the heart rate," explained a doctor in the instructional video about the product.

While the brain is part of the central nervous system that controls almost everything, humans also have an autonomic nervous system that affects uncontrollable factors such as the heart rate, rate of breathing, perspiration, digestion, and sexual arousal, among others.

"When the True Love Rate exceeds a certain value, the bra hook is opened automatically," added the product designer.

The system can determine when the bra can be unlocked so don't worry about sex predators.

The True Love Tester is not for sale at the moment but according to Japanese website IT Media, fans of Ravijour who buy 5,000 yen worth of products can win a chance to try out the smart bra in one of the six partner luxury hotels in Japan. Five winners will be selected but the date when this will be done has not been announced as of reporting.

According to Ravijour's website, consumers can join the promo between Jan. 23 and Feb. 23. Winners will be notified by the company's staff at a later date.

"When we fall in love, we experience at instant boost in excitement. That feeling is unlike any other excitement we encounter in life," explained a human sexuality specialist in the promo video.

In December, Microsoft's smart bra, which was produced in collaboration with the University of Rochester and University of Southampton, made headlines. The smart lingerie makes use of sensors to help users prevent binge eating by monitoring mood swings. It also sends the information to a mobile application which warns women of their stress levels. However, Ravijour's smart bra seems to be more intriguing, at least for men.

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