Every year, there are Super Bowl commercials that stand out among the rest. Maybe it'll be one of the standards, like Budweiser or Go Daddy - or maybe it'll be some random company that's never been on anyone's radar until now. There's a reason why so many people watch the game for the commercials alone: there's nothing else like a good Super Bowl commercial.

There are plenty contenders for Commercial of the Year already and the Super Bowl hasn't even aired yet. Everything viewers have seen so far has been great, but there's one that is currently standing above the rest: the Snickers Brady Bunch commercial.

At first, things seem innocent enough: there's that familiar shot of the Brady household, followed by the comforting music and the appearance of Mr. and Mrs. Brady.

That's when things get weird.

There are certain things that simply don't feel right in the happy-go-lucky world of the Brady Bunch, and Danny Trejo wielding an axe is one of them. The fact that no one seems to notice is eerie enough, but what's even weirder is that the editing actually makes the whole thing look real, despite the show being filmed back in the '70s. It's somehow hilarious and entirely unnerving, and Trejo putting the axe into the table doesn't help.

Of course, it was all just because Marsha was hungry. Good thing there was a Snickers ready to go!

...and that's when Steve Buscemi shows up. Yes, Boardwalk Empire Steve Buscemi.

There are some things the human mind is not capable of understanding - the creative process for this commercial is one of those things. That being said, the commercial is amazing - even better than the Betty White ad from a few years back.

Now that the commercial is out there, the question must be asked: is it too much to hope for a Brady Bunch remake starring Trejo and Buscemi?

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