The weekend is here, meaning it's time to munch on your favorite snacks as you binge on Netflix and then start your drinking festivities.

But you can get your party started early by combining alcohol with everyone's favorite cookie, the Oreo.

Sure you can make Jell-O shots, but with one gulp those babies are gone. Enjoy a more satisfying buzz by making drunken Oreo's this weekend.

The folks over at FoodBeast created this awesome concoction which goes perfectly with a White Russian.

The video explains just how to make these little wonders that transform a classic snack into the perfect party food. All you need is two packs of Oreo pudding mix, milk and Oreos.

Start by combining the Oreo pudding packs with two cups of milk in a bowl and whisk away. Then pour in six ounces (four shots) of your favorite alcohol like vodka and whisk it together once more.

Chill the bowl in your refrigerator, and then it's time to get started on the fun part. Carefully separate the Oreo cookies, just like you would when you eat the cream center first. Gently twist and take the two halves apart. Then scrape out the frosting and feel free to eat it since your new cream filling is about to be added.

Once you separated your desired number of cookies, it's time to add the booze-filled filling. Scoop some from the bowl and slather some on to a cookie. Then add a second cookie on top of the cream to reconnect it back into a complete cookie sandwich.

You can then chill the cookies again to let them stick better, or you can start eating them right away.

These alcohol-infused treats are perfect for your Super Bowl spread, or if you just want to kick your weekend off to a good start.

Here's the full video.

[Photo Credit: mihoda/Flickr] 

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