Disney's upcoming science-fiction fantasy movie Tomorrowland has been creating some excitement. A 30-second trailer for the flick was released during the Super Bowl.

The Tomorrowland teaser from Disney gives us a sneak peek into the film, which stars George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie and Tim McGraw.

Directed by Brad Bird of the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol fame, the impending film still keeps some details in secret -- and the trailer also makes sure to keep the mystery intact.

"What if there was a place, a secret place, where nothing was impossible? Where you could build whatever you were crazy enough to imagine. A place where you could actually change the world. You wanna go? Buckle up!" teases Clooney in the trailer's voice-over.

The movie's narrative apparently revolves around Frank Walker (Clooney), a former boy genius, and a teenage girl Casey Newton (Robertson), who is seeking a faraway location. The genius inventor Walker helps Newton in her quest to unlock the mysteries when she is transported to a magical place upon touching a mystical totem.

Disney released the first teaser of the movie on Oct. 9, 2014. The two-minute-long trailer gave a glimpse of what to expect without revealing anything concrete.

The current teaser shows Newton pushing the totem, which teleports her to an alternate world albeit momentarily. In this parallel world, one can espy monorails hurry past as Walker takes you on a tour of the mysterious world. The teaser suggests that not everything is hunky dory in this seemingly perfect future.

In the past, Oscar winner Bird shed some light on the characters, revealing that "she's young, fresh and outgoing -- he's closed up."

Walker and Newton attempt to "unearth the secrets of an enigmatic place somewhere in time and space known only as 'Tomorrowland.' What they must do there changes the world -- and them -- forever."

Inspired by Disney's theme park attraction, which goes by the same name and depicts a futuristic world, Tomorrowland is slated to hit theaters on May 22.

Check out the trailer below.

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