Star Wars director, George Lucas, is a man who appears to be going into retirement after he stated that he was no longer interested in the sci-fi genre. It is the very genre that allowed Lucas to rise in Hollywood and became a household name among Star Wars fans, so it is surprising to see him going down this route.

Lucas made the statement at the Sundance Film Festival during an interview with Robert Redford. As expected, this drew a huge laughter from the crowd because the legacy of George Lucas was created by sci-fi, and from now until the day he transitions from this earth, sci-fi will continue to carve his place in history.

"I really have no interest in science fiction at all," says Lucas.

Shooting down his love for the sci-fi genre is not the only thing Lucas managed to do at the Film Festival. The famed director took aim at Hollywood as he claims most movies are just "circus movies" and how much they lack substance.

Ironically, one can say the same about the three Star Wars prequels, and Lucas himself had to come out and admit that he is also to blame for some of the circus films that have populated Hollywood in recent years.

However, he believes it is unfair to accuse him of creating movies without substance.

"Let's see how much blood comes out when he splats," says Lucas. "It's now gotten to be more and more circus than substance."

"I get blamed for a lot of that."

"If you go into Star Wars and see what's going on there, there's a lot more substance than circus."

Interestingly enough, Lucas also admitted that when he started off as a director, he was not a person who was into creating a film with a great storyline for audiences to follow. However, he is now a story guy, so it seems we should expect exceptional things from the director in the future to come since he may never write another screenplay for Star Wars ever again.

We'd love to see what he comes up with and if he can direct a movie with substance and less circus type moments.

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