According to one of its sources, mobile and tech news website BGR reported that Apple will be releasing iOS 8.2 in March.

iOS 8.2, the newest major release for Apple's latest version of its operating system for mobile devices, will be bringing several general improvements and fixes to iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads.

However, the biggest change for iOS 8.2 is that update to the operating system will be adding support for the much-anticipated Apple Watch, the company's first entry into the wearable devices market. iOS 8.2 will also be including the WatchKit SDK, which will allow developers to create their own apps notifications and Glances for the device.

The Apple Watch is set to be released in April, and it would make sense for the iOS 8.2 to be released not so far ahead of the device's entry into the public market. However, it was initially thought that the update will be released alongside the launch of the Apple Watch.

Certain developers have also reportedly been requested to start submitting apps compatible for the Apple Watch to Apple so that testing can begin. Some of these developer-submitted apps will most likely be making an appearance soon at upcoming events wherein Apple may reveal more details about the Apple Watch.

The beta 5 version of iOS 8.2 was pushed out to developers recently, and history shows that Apple has only gone beyond five beta versions for major versions of the iOS twice, with iOS 2.0 and iOS 5.0. This would mean that iOS 8.2 is already being primed for release.

In addition to the compatibility with the Apple Watch, it is expected that iOS 8.2 will fix current issues that users are experiencing with the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions of the operating system, along with battery issues and problems with the calendar feature. However, the beta 5 version only mentions fixes for the calendar's syncing problems.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, revealed the expected release month for the Apple Watch as April in a conference call with analysts. The company only previously said that the device will be launched in early 2015.

"We're going to be thrilled to start shipping it because we have a lot of customers wanting to get one," Cook said, referring to the company's first new product since the iPad.

Apple news website 9to5 Mac also acquired information that Apple will be installing safes in the company's official stores to house the Apple Watch Edition, which is the more expensive model of the device as it includes gold components.

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