The mirrorless Samsung NX500 packs professional might into a form factor that could entice a new generation of photographers away from cellphone shots and point-and-shoot cameras.

The NX500 comes with an $800 price tag. The camera's price could be significantly lower, but it places portability over affordability in opting for the mirrorless design that gives it a compact size.

"The compact size of the NX500 and its revolutionary shooting and focus speed allow consumers to enjoy superb image quality," said Sangmoo Kim, senior vice president of IT & Mobile Communication at Samsung Electronics. "We are redefining what is possible for people who are not professional photographers, and offering everyone the ability to capture their signature moments in every shot."

The NX500 captures 28MP still images and 4K video at 24 frames per second. The resolution isn't everything, though, and the NX500 leverages Samsung's largest back-illuminated sensor to take in more light and deliver higher fidelity shots.

To power the NX500, Samsung fitted the camera with its DRIMe V processor. The Korean tech company says the DRIMe V processor bests the NX500's predecessor, the Samsung NX1.

"This feature boasts superior color reproduction, improved noise reduction and enhanced image quality, providing users with results that serious photographers crave," said Samsung.

Portability and high-fidelity aren't the NX500's only draw to those who want to move beyond the point-and-shoot world. The NX500's burst captures nine frames per second and an ample batch of shots for critical moments, while the Samsung Auto Shot (SAS) feature detects motion to anticipate the perfect shot.

Samsung also looked to advanced the NX1's ergonomics in developing the NX500, further shrinking the mirrorless build to achieve what it calls a "palm-sized" form factor. To help users fully break away from the cameras on their smartphones, the NX500's display can swing up 180 degrees to help photogs set up selfies.

"We recognize the sentimental value of a photograph in people's lives and being able to capture and share the perfect moment from wherever they are. That is why Samsung has built a camera suitable for everyday photographers," said Kim.

The 28MP Advanced Photo System type-C camera has a shutter speed of 1/6000 sec and ISO range of 100~25600, although it can be set to auto. The camera has a three-inch display and includes popular wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The NX500 will be available in March and will come in brown, black and white.

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