For the past few years, research studies have proven how too much sitting can affect one's health. Most of them suggest that sitting all day can really be a bad habit.

If a person remains seated for eight hours a day, he tends to become more vulnerable to a number of health-related problems such as slowed metabolism, increased risk of heart disease and diabetes, and lower back problems among others.

There are now products that promote a better and healthier way to work. These include so-called standing desks and desk add-ons. They come in various designs and material.

Here are the best standing desks and desk add-ons that one can find in the market today.

NextDesk Terra ($1,500+)

The Terra standing desk may seem like a pricey item but it's simply because it has some pretty luxurious features. Designed with a bamboo top, it is also built with an aluminum frame, a pair of lifting columns that are microprocessor-controlled, and a trio of programmable height presets.

UpDesk UpWrite ($1,150)

The UpWrite standing desk boasts a double-duty design feature. It can support the weight of up to 300 pounds and is built with motorized controls that can be used to adjust its height. The most notable feature is its surface, which is an erasable whiteboard material. It is also very easy to assemble and has a wide enough base that can accommodate a treadmill.

40" Black Shelves Mobile Ergonomic Stand Up Desk Computer Workstation ($189)

 Without a doubt, this is one of the most affordable standing desks available today. It can be adjusted to two heights in order to achieve increased comfort and maximum flexibility. Boasting an ergonomic design, it is one durable standing desk that is perfect for the PC, laptop or even tablet.

Ergotron WorkFit-C Single HD Sit/Stand Workstation ($737.35)

The WorkFit-C is an innovative computer cart that also works as an adjustable standing desk platform. It allows one to move from a sitting to a standing position while performing tasks. It features a large work surface, independently adjustable monitor and back-tilt keyboard tray. It also boasts 25" total height adjustment, advanced cable management, a small footprint and an integrated brake system that helps secure the table in place.

Kangaroo Pro ($500)

The Kangaroo Pro is a standing desk add-on that is designed to sit on top of one's desk and does not require any additional installation. Designed by Ergo Desktop, it features a wide base that provides the right amount of stability, thereby making it absolutely independent from being clamped down. With this in mind, users can easily move it around the desk to suit one's needs.

VARIDESK Pro ($300)

The VARIDESK Pro is a desk add-on that is made up of an adjustable monitor stand and tray. Its impressive design allows one to lock the stand in order to achieve a preferred height. This can be done by using its pair of spring-assisted arms that can add as much as 15.5 inches of height. It's even wide enough to accommodate a pair of monitors but is portable enough to be transferred from one desk to another.

Readydesk ($170)

 The 32-inch Readydesk started out as a Kickstarter project that showcases a simple design made up of recyclable Baltic Birch wood. It is lined with two adjustable shelves, which can assume around 30 different positions. Other notable features include a rounded finish, sheer portability and tool-free construction.

Pace McCulloch's Stand-Up Desk Kit ($300)

Another Kickstarter-supported project, this standup desk kit is designed with legs that are made from recyclable ABS plastic material, which is responsible for allowing the unit to have its height adjusted from 12 inches up to 17 inches. The top part is made from MDF composite wood and has the dimension of 47 x 23 x 1 inches. Each standup desk kit can be customized into whatever style to easily match one's work area. Other features include non-slip feet and anti-fatigue comfort edge.

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