For those whose significant other craves more than just vanilla, there is a flavor of iPhone created from a recipe of chocolate diamonds and 24K gold. Most may find it a tad costly, but some may find that Goldgenie's limited-time offering of iPhones covered in gold and speckled with diamonds to be the perfect gift for their valentines.

The luxury iPhones range in price from $15,000 to around $3.5 millon, all depending on the toppings the customer chooses. London's Goldgenie is offering choices of gold and rose gold and platinum for the coating. The selection of stones includes white diamonds, pink diamonds, black diamonds, sapphires, corundum, topaz, emeralds, rubies, tourmaline and tanzanit.

"Beautifully crafted and finished at Goldgenie's London workshop, the Ecstasy Collection offers clients a chance to present their loved one with a once in a lifetime luxury gift, created by the giver or the recipient, that blurs the boundary between fine jewelry and technology," says Goldgenie.

Goldgenie offers eleven templates, with names such as Swarovski Style Brilliance Elite and Diamond Ecstacy, on which customers can customize their luxury iPhones. To ice the iPhones and further personalize the gilded devices, Goldgenie is offering engraving services.

Customers can submit their own iPhones or select from iPhone 6 and 6 Pluses in either 64 GB of 128 GB capacities -- why cut corners with a 16 GB version? Those who choose iPhones from Goldgenie will receive devices that are unlocked and able to be used anywhere in the world.

The customized iPhones come standard with oaken boxes, lightening USB cables, 5 watt power adapters, Apple headphones, documentation and clear-coat protection applied by "master craftsmen at Goldgenie."

"Thinner and glossier than ever, not only is the iPhone 6 beautiful to look at, with Apple's technological advancements, it is sure to capture your world, your thoughts and your plans more beautifully and seamlessly than ever," says GoldGenie. "And the craftsmen at Goldgenie feel most people would agree that these are worth preserving in Gold."

With the launch of Apple's long-awaited entry into the wearables market just months away, Goldgenie is gauging interest in gilded Apple Watches. It plans to offer gilding services to apply coats of 24k gold, rose gold or platinum to Apple Watches.

Apple is already planning to offer a gold version of its smartwatch, though its gilded version of the Apple Watch will be offered in 18k gold. The gold version of the Apple Watch offered by Apple is expected to cost between $4,000 and $5,000.

Check out the Luxury Gold iPhone Diamond Ecstasy Limited Edition below:

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