At this point, it feels like Skyfall was a lifetime ago. Yes, it was only released back in 2012, and having to wait three years for an entry in a film franchise isn't so unheard of, but even still - it feels like it's been forever. Maybe it's because Skyfall was so good, or because of the legal trouble between production companies...either way, it's been far too long since fans have gotten to see James Bond do his thing.

Thankfully, Spectre is now in production: the 24th Bond film is due out later this year. Granted, the film is still early on in production: principal photography has only just begun. While it's far too early to ask for any sort of trailer (the film still has to be shot, after all), Eon Productions have given fans a short, behind-the-scenes teaser:

If you were hoping for actual footage of the film, you're out of luck: again, the movie only just began shooting, so any notion of seeing completed footage is out the window.

If you were hoping for a relatively short glimpse behind the scenes, you're in luck. While Daniel Craig was suspiciously absent (aside from a few quick shots), this short teaser hits all the right notes. It's definitely great to hear directly from some of the bigger actors on set, but seeing the crew gear up for a huge action sequence is on a whole other level. Whatever's going down on that Austrian mountainside looks huge - hopefully, there's plenty of explosions to go along with those black SUVs and choppers.

Of course, if you're a longtime fan of James Bond, then you know that mountainside action sequences are a cornerstone of the long as Spectre isn't looking to The Spy Who Loved Me for inspiration, fans can rest easy.

It's hard to tell what's worse: Roger Moore, or the bright yellow snowsuit...

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