The dates for Google I/O 2015 have been announced, with May 28 and 29 expected to hold a number of surprises for Google fans.

But what exactly should we expect from Google I/O this year? From modular smartphones to self-driving cars, here are the top five things we want from Google I/O 2015.

1. Android "M"

An announcement for the next iteration of Android, Android "M" would be in line with Google's release schedule, especially considering the fact that Android "L," which turned out to be Lollipop, was announced at Google I/O last year. Given the fact that Android Lollipop was a major refresh in terms of user interface, it is likely that the Android M update will be a little more minor, mostly having tweaks under the hood. Still, it will be exciting to see what Google has in store for Android's future!

2. Project Ara

Project Ara will see a pilot test in Puerto Rico later this year, but that doesn't mean that Google can't make more announcements related to the program before the launch. Google recently revealed that Yezz would be one of the first companies to create third-party modules for Project Ara. Will Google I/O see the announcement of more creators? Or, dare I say, a U.S. release date? A U.S. release date is unlikely, but Google will probably talk about Ara in some way!

3. Android Auto

At Google I/O last year, Google unveiled Android Auto. It is highly likely that Google will give us an update on Android Auto this year. Perhaps it will announce partnerships with more car manufacturers, or more third-party dash-kits running Android Auto. Android Auto might be off to a little bit of a slow start, but Google I/O is sure to offer an explanation into Android Auto's future.

4. Google Cardboard

Budget and smartphone-centric virtual reality seems to be gaining steam, with Google Cardboard having done very well since it was first released, and LG recently announcing a Cardboard-like headset made out of plastic. In December, Google announced a dedicated page for Cardboard apps in Google Play, suggesting that Google Cardboard is here to stay. Perhaps we will see a Cardboard 2.0? Or better developer tools for those who want to build apps for Cardboard. Only time will tell, but Cardboard is sure to make an appearance at Google I/O this year.

5. Google Glass 2.0

Google recently announced that it would be ending sales of Google Glass as we know it in order to focus on revamping the product and bringing it to the masses. Google I/O would be a perfect time to show off this new Glass.

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