After showing off the Bolt at Detroit's North American International Auto Show a month earlier, General Motors says its preparing to invest $200 million into production of the concept car. The pure-electric vehicle is expected to sell for about $30,000 after tax breaks.

The Bolt, name pending due to its similarity to the Volt, has a range of about 200 miles.

GM North America President Alan Batey says the public's resounding support for the EV has prompted the automaker to move quickly on a car it believes will "completely shake up the status quo" for EVs.

The Bolt, whose price is pegged at $30,000 after factoring in federal and state tax breaks, falls well under the price of Tesla's Model S, which costs about $70,000. The Bolt's 200-mile range matches the Model S, making the more affordable EV a true competitor to Tesla's flagship car.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder says his state is proud that GM's Chevrolet arm made the decision to produce the Bolt in the Great Lakes State. Michigan still leads the global automotive industry, Snyder says.

"Chevrolet is tapping a skilled workforce that includes some of the most talented and hard-working people in the world for this cutting-edge vehicle," said Snyder. "Chevrolet is an important part of our state's automotive history, and Michigan-made products like the Bolt EV point to a bright future as well."

The electric vehicle (EV) will be produced at the General Motors' Orion Assembly facility just outside Detroit. Part of the $200 million investment will be poured into GM's Pontiac Metal Center facilities. The Orion facility cranks out the luxury compact Buick Verano and the sub-compact Chevrolet Sonic.

The Orion facility is GM's first plant to receive Michigan's Clean Corporate Citizen distinction, due in large part to the location's usage of gas from two local landfills. The energy efficient nature of the gas-powered plant prevents an estimated 6,300 tons of carbon dioxide from being spewed into the atmosphere each year.

The Orion Assembly also features a 350-watt solar array that creates enough energy to power about 165 homes. It shares enough of that juice with the grid to light up about 45 homes.

"As one of the most environmentally progressive facilities in GM's global network, Orion Assembly is uniquely suited to build this game-changing electric vehicle," said Doug Hanly, Orion Assembly and Pontiac Metal Center plant manager. "In partnership with UAW Locals 5960 and 653, we're committed to building the highest level of quality into it."

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