Things are not looking well for Brian Williams, but at least he has Charlie Sheen in his corner. Sheen has proven himself a big fan of NBC over the years, but we didn't know he was a fan of Williams.

The former Two and a Half Men star took to Twitter to defend Williams when it appeared no one else would. Sheen went on to thank Williams for his 24-year contribution to news reporting and labeled the disgraced NBC anchor as his hero.

"You good sir, are a hero in my 'Entire Library,'" Sheen said.

Sheen also stated that Williams is the "victim of a transparent vile witch hunt." We wouldn't go as far as to call this issue a "vile witch hunt," but we can say the media do know how to throw a person under the bus and run them over a million times just for a little bit of cash.

The actor should be able to relate to Williams since he was sacked from Two and a Half Men by CBS back in 2011. At the time, the actor appeared to have been losing his mind, but he did manage to gain a larger fan base than when he was a star on the show.

In the end, Sheen says if Williams should ever require protection, he'll be there for him. We're not sure why Williams would need protection, but since the world is overrun with crazy people, it wouldn't be too farfetched if Williams' life were to be threatened in the future.

Williams is in the position he is in right now after fabricating a particular event that happened in Iraq years ago. Was he lying outright, or did he actually believe he was in a chopper that was hit by rockets?

Williams is in the hot seat right now as NBC digs further into his past claims. He once said that he witnessed the falling of the Berlin Wall and that he met Pope John Paul II. If these claims turn out to be another fabrication, then not even a celebrity like Sheen would be able to protect Williams from the vultures lurking in the mist.

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