It is becoming more evident that Apple is working on an iWatch device that has a strong focus on fitness. A new job ad by the company reveals it is seeking an exercise physiologist who is product development-focused. Basically, Apple wants to study the physiological effects exercise have on users, according to the ad that was posted on Apple's website a few days ago.

The advertisement, which was pulled by Apple shortly after being posted, states that the company is looking for a "detail & execution oriented, meticulous, highly organized" person in the exercise physiologist field to help study what effects exercise can have on users. It is not certain how this information would play into the alleged iWatch, but it does gives the impression that whatever Apple is working on, it will have a lot to do with fitness.

This is how the job ad ran, before it was pulled:

Design and run user studies related to cardiovascular fitness & energy expenditure, including calories burned, metabolic rate, aerobic fitness level measurement/tracking and other key physiological measurements.

Candidate will be knowledgeable about the physiological effects being measured and how to avoid potential inaccuracy and experimental error due DOE flaws and/or reference monitor (i.e. metabolic cart, etc.) usage issues.

The ideal candidate for this role will need to apply relevant knowledge to the design of products and their testing/validation through user studies.

The person who comes on top for this job will have multiple roles at the company. Not only will this person be giving Apple information on what effects exercise have on users, but the person will also help in the design of an actual product. As it stands, this product could be the most talked about iWatch, but Apple could surprise us with something completely different.

Whatever Apple is working on may not just be a smartwatch, it could also be a fitness wristband, or a fitness ankle band, or even a smart glass similar to Google Glass.

This isn't the first time Apple has gone on a hiring spree for persons who have experience in the fitness department. The company recently hired former Philips sleep researcher Dr. Roy J.E.M. Raymann, and Nike FuelBand consultant and fitness expert Jay Blahnik.

Apple's mystery product could very well show its face this year, as several wearable gadgets are expected to be announced before the end of the current calendar year.

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