The holiday season is long over and spring is still a good few weeks away and people are still suffering from the winter blues. Many people suffer with seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, but there are ways to deal with such a condition.

SAD is also considered a mild depression that affects many people, especially in cold countries during winters. Lack of sunlight during winter months is believed to be one of the causes that result in behavioral changes in many people. However, SAD automatically diminishes with the fall of spring.

People suffering with SAD feel tired even after having sufficient sleep. Experts suggest that anyone can suffer with SAD, but it is more common in women aged between 19 and 55 years.

Medical experts suggest that people can still deal with SAD in a number of ways. Experts recommend that each day people should spend about 30 minutes next to a light box that mimics outdoor light. Researchers suggest that such a light therapy causes chemical changes in a person's brain, which improves their mood and then eases symptoms of SAD.

Even though light boxes come in handy to mimic outdoor light, people should still take full advantage of natural light whenever and wherever it is available. Opening up the blinds during daylight hours and going out for a walk in the natural light may help get rid of some of the winter blues.

Researchers suggest that physical activity may also keep anxiety as well as SAD away. A short jog, yoga or walk may make a difference in treating SAD.

People should not avoid winter months and should embrace the snow that arrives during the winter. The snow allows for many winter sports that keeps a person physically active.

When a person suffers from SAD, then it also affects the desire to go out and socialize. Researchers suggest that people should socialize with friends and family, which keeps the mind busy and helps keep mild depression at bay.

Experts also believe that a healthy lifestyle also results in a healthy brain. Eating a balanced diet, having sufficient sleep and getting involved in at least moderate physical activity is also said to be the best to avoid SAD.

Medical experts also suggest that alcohol, drugs and nicotine are the worst ways of curing SAD.

Experts also suggest that if SAD gets serious then a person should seek advice from a doctor, who may prescribe medicines to combat the mild depression.

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