Today is Pancake Day, according to whoever it is that is in charge of making up arbitrary holidays for the Internet. That alone is reason to actually get out of bed on this awful winter morning: pancakes are easily the best breakfast ever. Sure, they may be terrible for you and put you in a food coma for the rest of the day, but they're pancakes! There is literally no better breakfast than flat, fried dough covered in syrup. there?

Well, if pancakes are perfect on their own, then the only way to improve the pancake is to combine them with the best movie franchise of all time: Star Wars. See what happens when deliciousness meets Darth Vader:

In case you were wondering: yes, that is the best thing ever. Who wouldn't want to eat a Darth Vader pancake everyday?

Of course, the video makes it look easy. Don't expect to pour some regular old batter on the pan and come out with Yoda. There's a separate batter for lines, a separate batter for filling the shapes the case of Darth Vader, there's even a third batter for shading.

Don't let all that discourage you: if you're celebrating Pancake Day (and you should be - it's Pancake Day!), why not have a little fun and try for something other than a standard, circular pancake? If anything goes wrong, you just have a normal, everyday pancake - there's nothing to lose!

Plus, who doesn't want the Galactic Empire staring back at them from the breakfast table?

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