Gamers can delight as the Nvidia Shield LTE tablet has received the version 2.2 upgrade, which brings a string of enhancements and performance improvements users' way.

Thanks to the upgrade, which is based on Android 5.0.1 Lollipop, Nvidia Shield LTE users will benefit from an improved battery life and will also be able to engage in new streamed games.

The upgrades version 2.2 brings per the changelog are as follows:

- Additional streamed PC games (free). Users can play titles like PixelJunk Shooter, GRID 2, and Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 to name a few. Moreover, on #SHIELDTuesday new fames are added each week.

- The battery life has been improved when the Wi-Fi is switched on. The battery performance is also better in idle/standby conditions.

- The charging performance is also improved and the update brings wider support for "high performance chargers."

- Memory optimizations and additional UI responsiveness, as well as graphics corruption resolution.

- Support for SHIELD Hub 4.1 has been added and includes support for the GameStream multi-controller.

Earlier in December 2014, the tablet received an update as well which brought "improvements in general UI and app responsiveness." At the time, the Camera Awesome app also benefited from new effects with the update that also saw the return of the Power Control Menu.

Lauded as the ultimate gaming tablet, the Nvidia Shield LTE boasts an 8-inch full HD screen with 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution (283 ppi). It weighs 1.8 pounds and its USP likes in the ability of playing AAA video games.

The device also packs in what the company touts is the fastest mobile processor around - the quad-core Tegra K1 (clocked at 2.2GHz) - which betters the performance of chips in Xbox 360 and PS3. The tablet has 2GB of RAM, expandable storage capability of up to 128GB and 32GB of on-board memory. The tablet also has 5-megapixel primary and secondary cameras.

The tablet is available in 16GB (Wi-Fi only) and costs $299. The 32GB variant (Wi-Fi with 4G LTE) costs $399.

Currently, Amazon has a deal on the Nvidia Shield and if one purchases the 32GB Wi-Fi and LTE model, they will get a $30 Amazon gift card as well. Moreover, Amazon is also giving buyers a free copy of Portal, Half-Life 2, and Half-Life 2: Episode One games for free with the purchase.

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