Knee-deep in the innumerable photographs and videos that are stored in a multitude of devices? Muddled about which service to deploy to solve your photo and video storage woes? If you answered yes to both these questions, then your answer lies in Bevy.

Boston-based Lineage Labs has come up with the perfect solution: Bevy is a hard drive that aims to revolutionize how you store photos and videos. The storage device helps users organize their photos and videos in one place on a 1TB drive.

Bevy is a network-connected hard drive that will ensure users can locate their videos and photos stored in a centralized manner -- accessible anywhere, anytime.

Thanks to Bevy, there will be no more altering between your PC, laptop, cloud services, cameras or mobile devices when searching for a specific image or video. They will all be safely tucked away in a consolidated manner into a single hard drive.

"We are taking crazy amounts of photos and videos daily. And there's no easy solution available today that collects, organizes, and protects them for you -- never mind allowing you access or enjoyment from them. So we built one. Bevy is much more than an in-home storage device; it's a photo and video experience that helps families stay connected to and engaged with their content no matter where they are," said Nancy Smith, Lineage Labs' co-founder and CMO.

How does Bevy work, you ask? The service deploys an app -- Android or iOS -- that will connect users to Bevy. One can even upload images and videos to the hard drive as soon as they are taken via Bluetooth, USB or Wi-Fi.

Users, however, can create specific folders with their descriptions via the Bevy app, and the storage device will use the metadata on each file to automatically organize the videos and pictures. Bevy also offers automatic cloud backup.

Those worried about privacy can also breathe easy as Bevy will enable users to create a profile and adjust privacy settings based on their preferences.

A minus, however, is that the hard drive has no SD card slot. Moreover, unlike competing storage hard drives such as Lyve Home, Bevy does not have a display where one can check out the images that are stored. If users want to see what is stored on their Bevy, then they have the option of connecting to their TV via an HDMi cable.

Bevy will cost $349 and will ship in October this year. Those who pre-order the device prior to April 30 will save $100 and get Bevy for $249 instead.

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