Get your popcorn and award-winner drinking game ready because tonight is the 87th Academy Awards. And while many of us will tune in to watch the Oscars live from the comfort of our homes, some of us won't have the luxury to have a front-row seat in the living room to witness the fashion fails and epic NPH zingers.

If your boss wouldn't let you off from work just to watch the Oscars, if you will be in transit at that time, or just won't have TV access, you can still catch all buzz-worthy winners and acceptance speeches. Thank you, technology, for being a movie lover's lifesaver. Here's where you can stream the Oscars live:

1. Live TV

If you will be home on Sunday, then you all you have to do is turn on the TV to ABC at 7 p.m. EST or 4 p.m. PT to start watching the red carpet coverage. The actual ceremony begins at 8:30 p.m. EST. 

2. Stream Online

For those who won't be in front of their personal big screen, you can still stream the Oscars online on your laptops or tablets. ABC is allowing viewers to stream the event from for those who have participating TV providers in Chicago, Fresno, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham and San Francisco.

Go to the "watch live" section, and don't worry, you won't need to create an account login to sign in. The digital stream will also give you red carpet and backstage moments, including the winners when they exit the stage after accepting their award.

(Photo : The Academy/ Facebook ) 

3. Download This App

ABC is also allowing live streaming via its WATCH ABC app, which is available on Google Play and the App Store for free. You get all the same viewing perks as the website, all in the palm of your hand via Android, iPhone or iPad and other tablets. All you need is an internet connection.

4. Streaming Outside The U.S.

If you are traveling for work or vacation and won't be in the U.S., you will still be able to watch the Oscars live. Those in Canada will be able to watch them on the network CTV, CTV Go and If you will be in the U.K., you can check out the red carpet coverage that starts at 11:30 p.m. pm Sky Movies. Those visiting China can watch them live on 9:40 a.m. local time on Monday on M1905, the website of movie channel CCTV 6.

[PHOTO CREDIT: Davidlohr Bueso/Flickr] 

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