Samsung Teases Galaxy S6 Specs, Features And Design: What To Expect


Samsung is set to launch the Galaxy S6 in less than a month. The company expects to take wraps off of the device at Mobile World Congress on March 1.

While the Samsung Galaxy S6 will certainly be the company's most powerful smartphone to date, there is a lot of speculation as to the specs of the device. Here's what we should expect from the Samsung Galaxy S6.

The company has released a cryptic teaser for the device, portraying a lightning bolt-looking graphic with captions such as "Stop less. Discover more." Many suggest that this lightning bolt refers to the processor in the device, which is largely expected to be a Samsung-made Exynos processor.

If the company does end up using its own processor in the device, it will be the Exynos 7 Octa chip, which has a 14nm process and may boast up to 20 percent faster speed, 35 percent less power consumption and a 30 percent productivity gain over current processors that use a 20nm process. Not only that, but the processors also have a large "7" on them, which looks eerily similar to the lightning bolt logo in the teaser.

The Galaxy S6 should have some impressive specs even beyond what is shaping up to be a great processor. The device could come with a beautiful Quad-HD, or 1440x2560 Super AMOLED display.

On top of that, leaked images appear to show the Samsung battery, which appears to be a rather small battery. While this could mean that the device won't be able to hold a charge as long as some would like, this isn't certain considering the battery-saving processor that is expected to be included.

The device is also largely expected to come in a number of different variations. A leaked press render suggests that the device will come in its standard version and an "edge" version, with a display that curves around both sides of the device. This will have similar features to the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, which has a display that curves around one side of the device.

The hardware isn't the only thing that we should be looking at, however. Samsung is rumored to be drastically cutting the bloatware found on the Galaxy series, allowing users to download apps from the Samsung Apps store rather than by forcing users to have every Samsung service available.

Only time will tell what the actual specs of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and its variations turn out to be, however the device is certainly shaping up to be an amazing one.

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