Daimler said that it will be launching a new Mercedes Benz Maybach Pullman, which will come with a tag price of at least over half a million dollars.

Previous reports in April of last year revealed that Mercedes Benz was developing a Pullman "state limousine" that would come with a tag price of up to $1 million for an armor-plated model.

The new vehicle, which will be unveiled at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, is said to be 6.5 meters long, which makes it longer than the already massive Mercedes Benz S-Class. The wheelbase of the vehicle measures 14.5 feet, which is already as long as the entire bodies of several compact cars.

Mercedes Benz's original Pullman 600, which was released back in over half a century ago in 1963, had a length of over 6 meters with a top speed of 124 miles per hour.

The original Pullman became famous as it was coined as a "dictator ship," as the vehicle was used by leaders such as Idi Amin of Uganda and Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania. Other notable owners of the vehicle include rock legend Elvis Presley, fashion icon Coco Chanel and several chancellors of Germany.

The latest version of the Pullman is promising to become the next vehicle of choice for state leaders and corporate bosses to replace the old Pullman.

The new Pullman will feature a new design that will allow the passengers of the vehicle to have face-to-face conversations, as there is a row of seats facing the rear. The vehicle also has a glass partition wall that can electronically be lowered to provide passengers with extra privacy from the car's driver. The cabin of the new model also features almost four more inches of height compared to the S-Class for additional headroom for its passengers.

The engine of the vehicle is a 6-liter, 12-cylinder biturbo one, capable of pumping out 523 horsepower.

Daimler has not revealed how many units of the new Pullman it is planning to produce, but the price has been pegged at $566,922 for the version of the vehicle with no armor plating.

While the new Pullman is a reimagining of what was already an outdated vehicle, Mercedes Benz is also looking forward to the future with some of its projects. One of these projects is the self-driving F 015 concept car, which the company unveiled at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show in January.

The self-driving car has been tagged as a "visionary concept" car that Mercedes Benz hopes will be in the roads of urban locations specifically for autonomous cars by 2030.

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