For a while, virtual reality was the only thing anyone in gaming was talking about. Projects like the Oculus Rift were absolutely everywhere, and everyone was excited to see what virtual reality would bring to the next generation of gaming.

Unfortunately, many of the projects that were so initially captivating have since gone quiet. That's not to say the projects are on hold or in trouble, it's just that much of the buzz surrounding them has calmed down. We've seen the initial concepts, but now, it's time to wait for the finished products.

Except, that is, for Sony's Project Morpheus headset. With GDC fast approaching, Sony isn't just planning to show off the latest in-progress version its virtual reality headset - Project Morpheus is looking dominate the entire show.

It makes sense, especially considering that Sony's demonstration of the headset at last year's Games Developer Conference took the show by storm. That being said, Sony's plans for this year's show are huge by comparison: instead of a single, hour-long demonstration, Sony is hosting several.

The first show, titled Beyond Immersion - Project Morpheus and PlayStation, is scheduled to take place on March 4. It's an hour-long demonstration of the newest version of Project Morpheus, and it seems like it'll be relatively similar to last year's demo. Sony will follow the first show up with another on Thursday, led by one of the U.S. PlayStation reps. On top of that, two public developer roundtable discussions have also been scheduled, which will allow development teams to discuss the future of the technology.

As if all that wasn't enough, Polygon is reporting that Sony will kick things off with a four-hour showing of the headset on March 3. According to the report, hands-on demonstrations of the Project Morpheus will be available to attendees, and Sony will give an update on both the headset and its plans for virtual reality. The only caveat is that the event isn't on the official GDC schedule - as of this writing, the four-hour VR spectacular is only a rumor.

Even so, if everything else stays on schedule, Sony is going to dominate GDC 2015. Even for a publisher as big as Sony, it's an absolutely ridiculous schedule - one has to wonder why Sony is putting so much effort into the show ahead of E3 in June. Perhaps an announcement is coming our way?

Whatever Sony's up to, it'll be a few weeks before anyone outside of the company knows what's up: the GDC 2015 show floor opens on March 2.

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