You may have heard that portions of Niagara Falls have frozen solid thanks to the plummeting temperatures in the American East. You may have even seen pictures of the Falls in their icy form.

But we guarantee you haven't seen this.

A cinematographer named Ben Foster, of Canadian company Up Aerials, posted this short video to YouTube that shows highlights of a drone's flight over frozen Niagara Falls. The precise control and incredible closeups that drones allow for enabled Foster to capture footage that's utterly captivating.

In a comment on the video, Foster points out that he and his team ensured safety was their number one concern, and that their drone flight complied with all known rules for flying over Niagara Falls. They even had a whopping $2 million liability insurance plan prepared in case anything went wrong.

The Niagara Falls shoot was an assignment from NBC that was on NBC Nightly News on Thursday, February 19, 2015. That segment is can be viewed here.

Up Aerials specializes in capturing high-quality footage for production companies and businesses, with a big focus on documentaries. They operate out of Ontario.

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