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NASA Might Send A Drone To Mars In Addition To New Rover

The Mars 2020 rover mission could be a trip for two. NASA is reportedly testing a drone that will fly and examine Mars from above.

Space March 19, 2018

Falcon Attack Strategy May One Day Inspire New Visually Guided Drones

Researchers said the peregrine falcons' attack strategy may one day inspire new visually guided drones that can target rogue drones. They fit these birds with video cameras and GPS to study how they move and swoop down on their preys.

Animals December 6, 2017

Are Robots Better Pilots? NASA Pits Human Pilot vs. AI And Here's What Happened

Robot-controlled drone against human-controlled drone and scores in accuracy and consistency. JPL researchers positive after AI's performance in drone flying.

Computers November 25, 2017

Amazon Wants To Deliver Your Packages Using Drones And Parachutes

Amazon was granted a patent that allows the online retail company to use drones when delivering packages. According to the patent, Amazon plans to use parachutes, compressed air, or landing flaps to ensure accuracy in its deliveries.

Gadgets February 16, 2017

ISIS Weaponizes Everyday Consumer Drones, Turns The UAVs Into Bombers

The militant group ISIS has recently been customizing commercial drones to drop grenade-sized explosives onto residents in Mosul, Iraq. Iraqi Security Forces plan to use a gun-shaped jamming device to render them ineffective.

Defense January 17, 2017

DJI Mavic Pro vs. GoPro Karma: Which Foldable Drone Should You Buy?

DJI and GoPro recently rolled out foldable drones, and both the Mavic Pro and Karma are sporting video capturing features and unique little tricks. We compared and contrasted them so you know which makes for a better purchase.

Gadgets September 28, 2016

FAA Predicts Drones Will Number 7 Million By 2020

FAA predicted that the number of drones that will fly in the sky by 2020 will reach 7 million. With this, the agency plans to boost its educational campaign to ensure safe and efficient flying.

Business March 26, 2016

Watch The Final Race Of The World Drone Prix: 15-Year-Old Champ Takes Home $250,000

A team led by a British teenager has won this year's World Drone Prix in Dubai. The team took home the $250,000 prize.

Gadgets March 14, 2016

Batplane Made Real With New Shape-Shifting Drone

Bats are the only mammal that can carry out true flight. Now, engineers have developed a new shape-shifting wing for drones based on the body design of these creatures of the dark.

February 19, 2016

Own A Drone? FAA Drone Registry With Your Name And Address Will Be Public And Searchable

Although it initially stated that names and addresses of drone owners will not be made public or searchable, the FAA clarified its answer. The administration underlined that its electronic registry will become public at a later date.

FUTURE TECH December 19, 2015

Best Drones 2015: DJI Phantom 3, Parrot Bebop, Yuneec Typhoon G And More

For those who thought about purchasing a drone for Christmas, we compiled a list of the best drones that flew in 2015. Quadcopters manufactured by DJI, Yuneec, Parrot and others are among the top choices, so here are the best-rated drones of the year.

Gadgets December 5, 2015

Toddler Left One-Eyed After Errant Drone Sliced His Eyeball In Half

A British toddler was blinded in one eye when an out-of-control drone rammed into his face. The 18-month old will need to have several surgeries before a prosthetic eye can be given.

FUTURE TECH December 3, 2015

3D-Printed Jet-Powered Drone Takes To The Skies At A Whopping 150 MPH

The fastest drone in the world is probably at the Dubai Air Show right now. Thanks to a jet engine, the drone can reach speeds of up to 150 mph.

FUTURE TECH November 10, 2015

Judge Rules Kentucky Man Had Every Right To Shoot Down Drone Over His Home

A local judge has dismissed all charges against a Kentucky man dubbed the 'drone slayer' who shot down an aircraft that was allegedly hovering over his home in July.

FUTURE TECH October 28, 2015

Walmart Wants To Be Like Amazon, Asks Gov't For Permission To Test Drone Deliveries

Walmart wants to deliver groceries and other online orders to its customer's homes too, just like Amazon. In its request to the FAA, the retail giant wants to test its drones outside and see if they're a viable and safe means of expanding and doing business.

FUTURE TECH October 27, 2015

Google Project Wing Delivery Drone Takes To The Skies To Deliver A Package [Video]

Watch this video of Google’s new Project Wing delivery drone drop a package of food and drinks at a Google event. The new drone bears Google’s new quadcopter design after its first single-wing design hit a wall.

FUTURE TECH October 21, 2015

Government Is Shooting Sterilized Moths From Cannons Attached To Drones To Solve Cotton Farming Pest Problem

The USDA is testing an experiment that consists of shooting sterile moths into cotton fields to falsely reproduce with wild moths to prevent infestations that destroy the crop.

FUTURE TECH October 8, 2015

Personal Drones Prevented Helicopters From Putting Out A California Wildfire

Personal unmanned aerial drones prevented firefighter helicopters from dropping buckets of water to contain a California wildfire that spread over the weekend.

FUTURE TECH July 20, 2015

Department Of Justice Lays Down The Law On Personal Drone Use

Federal agencies under the Justice Department may not use drones to spy on citizens, according to the new guidelines.

FUTURE TECH May 25, 2015

Miniature Drone Cicadas Can Spy On Enemy Troops Or Help Predict Tornadoes

Tiny insect-inspired drones launched from the air could silently glide over a battefield to monitor an enemy's movements or activity, researchers say. The GPS-guided devices could also have civilian uses including weather forecasting, they add.

May 18, 2015

NASA Tests Electric Airplane That Takes Off Like A Helicopter, Then Flies Like A Plane (Video)

NASA says a 10-motor electric drone designed to take off vertically then transition to forward flight has been successfully tested. The unmanned Greased Lightning craft weighs 62 pounds and has a wing span of 10 feet.

May 4, 2015

What Do You Get When You Attach 4K 1000FPS $110,000 Camera To A Drone? Answer: Stunning Video

A film crew launches a $110,000 camera into the sky via a drone to capture 4K video at 1,000 fps. They did it because no one else had, the group said.

Gadgets April 4, 2015

Drone Captures Breathtaking Video Of Frozen Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is frozen. You've probably seen the pictures. But have you seen drone footage of the incredible beauty of the frozen Falls way up close and personal? You're about to.

Internet Culture February 20, 2015

DARPA Wants Drones to be Swift as Hawks, Small as Insects

Defense Department seeks research help to develop small drones capable of swiftly navigating complex indoor environments. Project would take inspiration from nature's flying creatures.

Science December 30, 2014

FAA to Drone Operators: Keep Off Airports, Stay Below 400 Feet

The FAA tries to regulate the operation of unmanned aircraft, but has challenges facing the enforcement of new rules that aim to prevent drones from colliding with large aircraft.

Business December 1, 2014

GoPro Wants to Soar with Consumer Drones: Best Plan Ever

GoPro is planning to dive head first into the budding drone market. The company is thinking of making its own drones to go with its industry-leading rugged action cameras.

Business November 27, 2014

Fungus Drone Stealthily Decomposes Upon Crashing

Biodegradable drone could decompose, leave no evidence of spying mission. Main body of autonomous vehicle is "grown" from fungus material.

Space November 13, 2014

Drones posing hazard to passenger planes: Here's how

An unmanned red and black quadcopter nearly collides into a 74-seater passenger plane just above Essex County as the airliner attempts to land at the Southend Airport.

FUTURE TECH October 27, 2014

Battle of the sky: Watch as a hawk takes on a drone

YouTuber and software developer Christopher Schmidt filmed an epic showdown for airspace between a hawk and his quadcopter drone.

Internet Culture October 10, 2014

Virginia Tech drone test site now fully operational

Virginia Tech joins in testing of drones to help FAA create guidelines for admitting them to U .S. airspace. New testing center is one of six across the U.S.

Space August 14, 2014

FAA mulls allowing drones, unmanned aircraft for filming and photography

Film and television production companies want to take aerial shots of their productions using unmanned aircraft systems. The FAA may just grant them exactly what they want.

FUTURE TECH June 3, 2014

Former US drone operator speaks out against how the program is handled

Heather Linebaugh is speaking out against the U.S. drone program that is seen as barbaric to some.

FUTURE TECH December 30, 2013

Amazon bets on drone deliveries

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos revealed over the weekend that the online retailer may use autonomous aerial drones in the near future to deliver goods.

FUTURE TECH December 2, 2013

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