Apple versus Samsung is one of the biggest rivalries in tech, with the companies having engaged in multiple lawsuits, most of which were highly publicized.

It now seems, however, that Apple has found a way to legally steal from Samsung -- by poaching employees.

Reports suggest that Apple is looking to hire Samsung employees in the areas of chip design, as well as batteries. According to the report, Samsung employees are being offered "greater independence" in their new jobs, as well as higher pay.

"As the electric vehicle business is a new one, Apple needs patents and experts in battery technology," said an unnamed Samsung spokesperson in a report from The Korea Times. "Top human resources firms have been approaching Samsung's battery experts, individually, and I think such human exchange moves are a win-win for both."

It's important to note that tensions between the two companies have cooled off over the past few months, and the companies are not currently engaged in any lawsuits with each other. In fact, Apple even uses Samsung as a component supplier for Apple's iPhone. It is rumored that Samsung will even be building the 14-nanometer A9 processor that will be found in the next iteration of the iPhone and iPad.

Samsung was responsible for manufacturing all of Apple's ARM processors before Apple started working on the iPhone 6. Once the iPhone 6 came into the picture, it was rumored that TSMC took over most of the manufacturing. It is not known by exactly how much, however.

The employees being poached reportedly have no language barriers, allowing for them to more smoothly make the transition to Apple's Cupertino-based headquarters.

It is possible that Apple looking to hire experts in batteries is related to the rumors that it is planning on building an electric car. Apple is a little late to the electric car game compared to companies like Tesla. Samsung, however, is a major battery supplier for the likes of BMW as well as other leading car makers.

This is not the first time in recent weeks that we have heard rumors of Apple's recruitment strategy of poaching experts to work on the heavily rumored electric car. The company has also reportedly been trying to poach employees from the likes of Tesla.

If Apple is working on an electric car, it will likely be at least a few years before we see any kind of public unveiling. Some predict that the company will unveil a car before the year 2020.

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