The month of February is coming to a close and it has been an exciting time in the world of television. At T-Lounge, we've been lucky enough to talk to the cast and crew of some of the most action-packed shows of the season. Here is a roundup of our favorite interviews from the month.

The Flash Star Robbie Amell On The Firestorm Costume, An 'Arrow' Crossover And What Ronnie Thinks About Dr. Harrison Wells:

"One of the coolest things has been bringing, you know, a character who's been around for so long to the screen for the first time in live action. I was in New York. I couldn't believe the reception of the character. This was only my first or second episode. People were coming up to me and saying they were so excited to see a live-action Firestorm, that they grew up on this character. So that's been really special."
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Jane The Virgin Star Azie Tesfai On Being On A Women-Run Show

"I feel shows like this don't come around very often, and roles for women never come around. I think every single role on this show that an actress portrays is so smart and strong and complicated in its own way. All of us girls on the show feel so very lucky.

And as a woman, you want to feel respected and that your talent's being valued. And that's a hard combination to come across. I think having a woman showrunner is everything in making sure that's protected. You know, on every other job I've had I felt like I had to be aware to defend my honor and talent as a woman and not be compromised."
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Scorpion Star Ari Stidham Talks About What's In Store For Sylvester In Season 2
"We're making a serialized adventure show because that's what people like. And so what? Sometimes our characters can be a little bit caricature-y. I'm playing a dude with OCD. There was a show called Monk where the main guy had OCD, and he solved mysteries. So what? It's television. We're doing it so people can enjoy it and like leave their everyday lives, you know?"
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Sleepy Hollow Star Katia Winter On Embracing Katrina's Dark Side

“In my head, I envision her as a very strong character and want a person that very much stands her own ground, you know, not so much the wife of Ichabod and the ex-fiance of Headless [the Horseman of Death].”
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An Exclusive Interview with Helix Composer Reinhold Heel
“For Helix, there is definitely this aspect of music counterbalancing what is going on in the show, but also there is of course a lot of underscore. That is the main part of my work, probably 90%.”
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