Since one of our favorite ruggedly handsome masked heroes will be taking a brief hiatus, it is safe to say that fans have been scouting the web for tidbits on how the show will proceed after Wednesday's jawdropping episode.

Billionaire masked hero Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is used to getting offers and propositions from both the business and crime-fighting world, but no other offer thus far has left viewers on the edge of their seat wondering what will happen next after the more than shocking reveal of Ra's al Ghul's (Matt Nable) reason for allowing Oliver to live after rescuing Malcolm at Nanda Parbat.

As it turns out, Oliver has been deemed worthy to be the new leader of the League of Assassins -- talk about a mind-melting, heartracing, and conspiracy-inducing episode.

Some questions on everyone's mind right now: Will Oliver accept? What will happen to Oliver's vow of no killing? Will this be the defining factor for Oliver to leave Starling City for good?

The show's developer, Andrew Kreisberg gives an insight to this twist in the show:

"You want to keep that conversation going. Obviously, Oliver is completely taken aback. It was important to have a different villain this year, someone who is going to be doing something completely different. This year, Ra's is presented as this giant malevolent force but then comes up and basically offers the keys to the kingdom to our hero."

Things will get even more complicated as Nyssa being Ra's al Ghul's daughter will certainly fight for the position, as she deems herself the rightful heir to the Demon and will not willingly just hand over her birthright to Oliver. The brewing need to avenge Sara's death (Nyssa's lover) will be an added catalyst for Nyssa to go after Oliver and his sister Thea, who confessed her part in Sara's demise.

A lot of decisions from all the characters will have to be made in the succeeding episodes. From Oliver's response to Ra's al Ghul's offer, to Nyssa facing her inner struggles, and even the budding romance of Felicity and Ray Palmer demands a follow-through.

Arrow returns to The CW on Mar. 18 with "The Offer" directly taking off 10 seconds after the "Nanda Parbat" episode.

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