Marvel and all of its properties are rolling into gear as its cinematic universe is readying another slate of pictures. In the meantime, the father of most of those popular characters, Stan Lee, is continuing to branch out on his own with an upcoming mobile video game titled Hero Command.

A collaborative effort between Lee’s Pow Entertainment and Transformers Prime: Decepticon Strike developer F84 Games, the duo comes together to create Stan Lee’s Hero Command. Available for Apple iOS and Android, players step into the superpowered tights of one of three brand-new heroes who receive their assignments from Marvel cameo king, Stan Lee.

The brawler-style game also features Lee’s likeness and voice in the game. “I’m the commander. They should have really supplied a uniform to me,” Lee said in an interview with Mashable. F84, a game studio that in the past has worked with Bear Grylls (Survival Run with Bear Grylls) and HUB Network, approached Lee with the concept, and the two entities have been in consistent contact ever since.

The brilliant mind behind The Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man consulted F84 on the hero designs used in the game, including their villainous counterparts. “He was like an oracle,” Hardy said. “One of the things that stuck with me was that heroes are always a little bit of an underdog, and that’s why people like them.”

Jokingly enough, Lee had hoped to design his own character, but wasn’t sure if he could make himself look enough like George Clooney. "I’m very happy,” Lee said, “because I feel like I look like Brad Pitt.”

To bring the player into the unique universe envisioned by F84 and Stan Lee, they crafted a story arc for each of the heroes. “In comics, you had only a few panels to get a story across. Now with a mobile game, we have even less time to get that across,” said Pow Entertainment CEO Gill Champion. “I think it’s very challenging, but it probably could be equally as rewarding."

Future goals include adding more heroes and developing the franchise into a “trans-media property” if Hero Command is successful.

Stan Lee’s Hero Command will be available to gamers for free on March 19 for iOS and Android.

Photo: Gage Skidmore | Flickr

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