Professor Severus Snape didn't really like anyone in the Harry Potter series, but he was especially not a fan of Mr. Potter himself. It seemed like every chance he got, he would foil Harry and the crew just to amuse himself.

Let's hope the students lucky enough to snag a seat in Professor Michael Snape's class have an easier time. Yes, Professor Snape is a real person, and he will be the head of Anglican Studies at Durham University in the United Kingdom beginning Sept. 1, according to The Telegraph.

But get this. While Snape is well aware that he shares a moniker with a much-maligned fictional character, he actually doesn't know all that much about who the more famous Snape really is. That's because he's never read the Harry Potter books.

"I have to say, in absolute honesty, that I have never read a syllable of Harry Potter," Snape told The Telegraph. "I'm only aware of these characters from the general cultural air we breathe, and from my children and spouse, who have read the books."

He went on to say that the books looked "a bit too long and boring," and he thinks he may have possibly seen two of the films. What? He wasn't just a little curious about the guy he shares a name with that the whole world is talking about? Well, he did tell The Telegraph that he kind of wanted to know if Snape turned out to be good or evil, but that feeling was never quite strong enough to get him to read the books. Pity.

Snape also visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Fla., but he was similarly unimpressed.

"It was nice to see so many people who are clearly fans so evidently enjoying themselves," he told The Telegraph, "but I could have been happily in and out in half the time. The catering was reasonably cheap."

Snape actually said that he finds the fact that there are two places in the world called Snape, one of which is in North Yorkshire in England, more interesting. Wow, that is like something Snape would say. He even turned a visit to one of those locations into a photo opp.

Strangely enough, Michael Snape won't be the first Snape at Durham University when he begins teaching there this fall. A Professor Ed Snape joined Durham University Business School as a professor of management in 2013, BuzzFeed pointed out. There's also an archaeology student at the university named Lisa Snape-Kennedy. Durham University, looking out for the Snapes of the world.

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