Lost your keys? Nokia's got you covered. Nokia introduced the new Treasure Tag, an accessory for Lumia smartphones that has NFC and can help you find lost items.

In keeping with Nokia's recent design aesthetic, the Treasure Tag is brightly colored to coordinate with your Lumia smartphone. It's small, it's square and it comes in yellow, white, blue and black. You can attach the Treasure Tag to just about anything, but most people will probably opt to put it on their keys, wallet or some other frequently lost item. The square attaches with an equally colorful keychain loop.

Once you've placed the Treasure Tag where you want it, you simply download an app on your Lumia smartphone, so that you can keep track of where your item is. Then, using a low-energy Bluetooth signal or NFC, the Treasure Tag alerts you when you've left an item behind. Both your phone and the tag will sound the alarm, so chances are you will notice that it's missing before you've even left it behind. If you don't hear the beep, you'll be able to track the Treasure Tag's signal via Nokia's HERE Maps app. It also alerts you if you start to leave your smartphone behind, which does happen sometimes.

The app allows you to put Treasure Tags to sleep if you wish and also to mute the alarm if you're already out the door and unable to retrieve your missing item. The app can keep track of as many as four different Treasure Tags at a time, so if you've got a lot of things that you want to monitor, you can easily do so. The only problem with that is each Treasure Tag costs $30. In comparison with Tile, which comes in at under $20, it's pretty expensive. However, when you consider that the Treasure Tags have removable 220 mAh batteries onboard, the price seems pretty okay. Tile doesn't have a removable battery and must be replaced once its power source dies.

Nokia's Treasure Tag will arrive in stores this April. Nokia says that it will work on Android and iOS apps for the Treasure Tags soon, too. That's good news for the millions upon millions of people who don't have Lumia smartphones. Although there are many other NFC and Bluetooth gadgets out there like these Treasure Tags, Nokia's look to be a good option for several reasons. The replaceable battery is definitely a plus with Nokia's new accessory, as are the bright colors it comes in. 

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