It's barely been a week since Nvidia pushed out the version 2.2 upgrade for the Shield tablet, but the software update also brought in a bug. However, Nvidia has pushed out a Hotfix to address the problem.

Several users complained of color desaturation on their Shield tablet after the update. Basically, the once bright colors on the tablet started looking dull or muted following the software update. Nvidia acknowledged that this was happening due to a bug, which the company was looking to rectify.

"We're aware that some SHIELD tablet owners are noticing a change in screen colors after the most recent software update. We're currently working on a fix and should have it available soon. Stay tuned," said Nvidia at the time.

The bizarre color reproduction on the tablets were primarily to do with bright hues such as orange and red.

However, on Thursday, Feb. 26, Nvidia pushed out the Hotfix 2.2.1 update to address the issue. Considering the turnaround time for the bug fix is pretty speedy, it seems that Nvidia was not aware of the problem in the original update at the time of its release.

The version 2.2 update brought a host of enhancements and improvements, including new games for streaming and better battery life.

The latest Hotfix 2.2.1 addresses not only the color-space correction issue on the display, but also brings improvements to a user's Netflix experience.

"This update contains important enhancements to further improve your SHIELD tablet experience," stated Nvidia.

The Hotfix 2.2.1 should be available for downloading on your Shield tablet. To see if you've received the update, head to the settings on your device. After the update, your device's screen should be brighter.

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