Coca-Cola is celebrating the 75th anniversary of Fanta with a video looking back on its beginnings in Germany.

The video started with a brief history lesson of how the popular orange soda came into existence.

"75 years ago, resources for our beloved Coke in Germany were scare," the video said.

The video made sure to leave out the fact that Coke was hard to come by in 1941 because of the trade embargo in place during WWII. Because it was hard to access the syrup used to make Coke in Nazi-controlled Germany, drink makers decided to create an alternative. Their creation became the "fantastic idea" known as Fanta orange soda.

So basically Fanta was a direct product of the war and Coca-Cola.

"To celebrate Fanta, we want to give you the feeling of the Good Old Times back," the video said. This "good old times" quote is what is causing the uproar.

A spokesperson from Coca-Cola said the company did not mean to associate Nazi Germany with "good times" of the Fanta soda and will be releasing an updated video.

"We had no intention to call Nazi Germany 'the good old times.' We wanted to remind our customers of their childhood, like when we display the Coca-Cola bottle from the 1960s. Coca Cola disassociates itself in every from Nazi times," the spokesperson said.

Of course the Internet responded with some pictures.

Here is the original Fanta video (in German) that was removed.

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