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Researchers Track Down Uranium Cubes Made In Germany During WW II

Two researchers investigated the history of uranium cubes and uncovered Nazi Germany's plans to build nuclear reactors at the end of World War II. Adolf Hitler nuclear efforts spurred the creation of the U.S.-led Manhattan Project.

Energy May 2, 2019

Discord Expunges Alt-Right, Nazi And White Nationalist Servers In Massive Cleanup Effort

Once again, Discord has shut down a handful of notable alt-right servers from its platform, reiterating that it has no space for hate. Other alt-right servers remain live despite the cleanup effort, however.

Apps/Software March 1, 2018

Bethesda’s New Ad For ‘Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus’ Suggests Nazis Should Be Punched In The Face

Bethesda is going after Nazis again in its latest video for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. This time, the message couldn’t be more direct: Nazis should be punched in the face, and they should 'GTFO.'

Video Games October 16, 2017

Alt-Right Gamers Are Not Happy About ‘Wolfenstein II’ Because It’s Proudly Anti-Nazi

Some gamers are upset about the way Bethesda is marketing 'Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.' Alt-right and neo-Nazi gamers were particularly offended by the game’s proudly anti-Nazi stance.

Video Games October 7, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg Promises To Shut Down Hate Groups And Remove Harmful Content On Facebook After Charlottesville

Facebook has now voiced its stance against the events of Charlottesville, Virginia, saying its site has no place for hate. Several tech companies are now facing the same pressure to make statements condemning white supremacy.

Internet August 17, 2017

Discord Shuts Down Alt-Right Server, Accounts Amid Charlottesville White Supremacy Rally, Says Hate Groups Are ‘Not Welcome’

Discord has shut down a server connected to the alt-right and several accounts with ties to white supremacy, neo-Nazism, and other bigoted ideologies. The move comes in light of a media storm surrounding the recent Charlottesville protests.

Internet August 15, 2017

Twitter Accounts Hacked Over Turkey Dealings, Pushing 'Nazi Germany' And 'Nazi Holland' (Netherlands) Messages

Hundreds of Twitter accounts were hacked on March 15, posting rogue tweets with the hashtags #NaziHollanda and #NaziAlmanya. The tweets come as Turkey's relations with the Netherlands and Germany keep deteriorating after Turkish President Erdogan accused both countries of Nazi practices.

Internet March 15, 2017

Hitler's Phone Recovered From Berlin Nazi Bunker To Be Sold At Auction

Adolf Hitler's red phone recovered from a Nazi bunker in Berlin is set to be auctioned later this month. How much would it likely fetch?

Feature | Culture February 2, 2017

Adolf Hitler's Secret Nazi Base In Arctic Discovered By Russian Scientists

A secret Nazi base German dictator Adolf Hitler ordered to be built was discovered in the Arctic. More than 500 relics were found at the site, including personal items with the swastika symbol.

Earth/Environment October 24, 2016

Twitter Cracks Down On ISIS And Terrorists, But Nazi Sympathizers And White Nationalists Are Left To Run Rampant: Something's Wrong Here

Twitter has painted a target on terrorism-related content on the social media platform. However, while Twitter has been suspending such accounts as those of ISIS supporters, accounts of Nazi sympathizers and white nationalists have been left unchecked.

Internet September 5, 2016

eBay WW2 Military Items: Museum Snags Nazi Coding Machine For Just $14

Museum volunteers acquired a World War 2 device used by Adolf Hitler through an eBay listing. The artifact, which was sold for about $14, is the keyboard of the extremely rare Lorenz teleprinter.

Life & Style May 30, 2016

Reddit Threads Eventually Mention Hitler: About 80 Percent Of Active Discussions Do

A blogger with the alias Curious Gnu has analyzed 4.6 million publicly posted Reddit comments. He concluded that about 80 percent of active subreddits, with more than a thousand comments, have mentioned the name “Hitler” or the word “Nazi.”

Internet May 5, 2016

'My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me': Black German Woman Discovers She's Related To Nazi Commandant

Jan. 27 was International Holocaust Remembrance Day. In observance of the tragic events, Jennifer Teege shared how she discovered that she is related by blood to one of the most sadistic Nazi commandants under Hitler.

Society January 30, 2016

Polish Experts: Tunnel, Yes. Nazi Gold Train, No

A group of researchers said there is no Nazi gold train in Poland. The finding refutes the claim of two hunters that insisted they did find the train hidden in a tunnel in August 2015.

Society December 16, 2015

Amazon Dresses Up NYC Subway Cars With Nazi Symbols: Not A Good Idea

Amazon dressed up New York City subway cars with Nazi symbols to promote 'The Man in the High Castle,' a TV series that features an alternate history of a world where the Axis powers won World War II.

Society November 25, 2015

Queen's Nazi Salute Footage Released By The Sun Shocks Buckingham Palace

Footage of Queen Elizabeth II giving a Nazi salute triggers a hailstorm. Buckingham Palace said The Sun 'exploited' the archived imagery, but the tabloid begs to differ.

Society July 20, 2015

Google Unit Apologizes For 'Ingress' Nazi Concentration Camps

Google maps its augmented reality game across various locations around the world, including Nazi concentration camps. That last part is changing now.

Video Games July 7, 2015

Coca-Cola Pulls Fanta Video Because Of Controversial "Good Old Times" Quote

Coca-Cola removed video to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Fanta because it referenced Nazi Germany to "good old times."

Internet Culture February 27, 2015

Auschwitz 70 Years After: Survivors Recall Stories of Death Camp, Survival, and Liberation

Some Holocaust survivors tell their stories as the 70th anniversary of their liberation draws near.

Feature January 26, 2015

Cher Took To Twitter With Her Strange Theories About Hitler

Have you ever wondered where Cher thinks Hitler is right now? Well, here's your answer.

Internet Culture January 19, 2015

Piecing Together History: Teen Recreates Nazi Holocaust in Lego

UK teen creates a Nazi Timeline completely out of Lego for a school project.

Geek January 16, 2015

Expelled Nazi war criminals from U.S. collected millions in social security payments

An investigative report by the AP reveals how dozens of Nazi war criminals were able to receive millions of dollars in Social Security benefits through a legal loophole.

Society October 20, 2014

McDonald's employee fired over drawing butter swastika on sandwich bun

Discovering a butter swastika on her chicken sandwich was probably the last thing Charleigh Matice expected as she prepared to mayonnaise her sandwich.

Internet Culture August 12, 2014

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