Google has unveiled its eye-poppingly beautiful plans for the redesign of its Mountain View headquarters.

The new building is designed to mingle with nature and represent how the company wants to conduct and move beyond its core business.

"Today we're submitting a plan to redevelop four sites -- places where we already have offices but hope to significantly increase our square footage -- to the Mountain View City Council," said the company in a blog post.

The idea is that instead of having set buildings, the new buildings will be made from lightweight block-like structures that can be moved and rearranged depending on the company's needs and as it invests in new areas of development. For example, the division of Google that is developing autonomous cars has very different needs from the division that is focused on search.

On top of the buildings, there will be massive translucent canopies that control the indoor climate and temperature while allowing natural light and air into the building. These canopies are designed to free spaces from traditional space limitations such as walls and windows.

It would make sense for the new buildings to serve as a kind of playground as the company explores business opportunities outside of search. Not only that, but it seems like the buildings will also function as a type of small and futuristic city for its employees and residents in the area. Google has been known for some time for its parks and on-campus services that encourage employees to spend as much time as possible on campus, but the concept takes things a step further.

Different segments under the canopies will form "small villages" where employees are able to work or relax.

It's important to note that the buildings have not yet been approved by the Mountain View council, something that could take over a year. Google is already facing some backlash from local residents who are unhappy with the increased traffic and congestion that has been caused by Google's growth. In order to be approved, Google will have to submit a plan for improving traffic in the area.

If the plans do end up getting approved, however, they would increase Google's square footage by millions of square feet.

Google is not the only Silicon Valley company looking to expand its campus. Apple has also submitted plans to build a new campus in Cupertino, and has even begun development of the new building. Dubbed the "spaceship," the campus has a similar idea of wanting to mingle with nature, with trees being found in the center of the doughnut-shaped building.

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