Apple fans rejoice: Apple's impending first-ever wearable smartwatch, Watch, will reportedly boast a power-saving function, and maybe even more exciting with a starting price point that most Apple device fans can likely afford.

Yup, those are the latest big rumors hitting the tech grist mill and likely music to any Apple fan's ears.

Supposedly the Watch, due to hit the market come April, will have a starting price point of just under $350, about $349 reportedly. One report notes a U.K. magazine sports a model wearing the "Apple Watch Sport" priced at $349, featuring a "space grey" case and black band.

The wearable, which some industry watchers believe will drive mass consumer adoption of health and fitness wristband devices, will also feature a "power reserve" mode, according to a report.

That mode will be one in which Watch will just offer up the time, like any basic watch, and not be drawing power for any other wearable activity such as heart beat monitoring or even GPS location services or calorie counting.

In talking about the Watch, back in last fall during its iPhone 6 product conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook claimed the impending wearable's battery would last one day, noting users would charge it at night while sleeping.

While Watch details since the conference has been mostly rumors, what is known is that the Watch will initially debut with three models and some reports indicated the highest price could be well up in the thousands-like $10,000 for a supposed 18-karat gold version called Apple Watch Edition.

Apple has scheduled a live streaming event, called Spring Forward starting at 1 p.m. EST, on March 9, relating to the Watch debut. For a look at Watch options check out Apple's gallery page.

The latest Watch battery and pricing rumors come on the heels of Apple's move to redesign its retail storefront to make room for the Watch product line and a new concierge customer support approach taking root at its Genius Bar retail locations.

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