Podo Is The High-Tech Selfie Stick You've Been Waiting For


Selfie connoisseurs and laymen alike have to admit, Selfie Sticks are pretty pedestrian. They are basically just poles that can attach to your camera or phone. The fact that the sticks rose to such popularity just emphasizes how desperate consumers are to get a decent looking photo at a flattering angle— even if that means embarrassing themselves in the process. 

Now there is an actual item to help fill the selfie-taking void in our market. Enter Podo, a wireless camera that sticks to just about any surface so you can transform any wall, bus stop or cubicle into a photo booth.

Podo launched on Kickstarter yesterday and has already exceeded its goal of $50,000. At the time of this writing, Podo has raised $61,000. The Podo is about the size of a GoPro and has a reusable pad at the back of the camera that sticks to surfaces. The camera also comes with its mobile own app, which connects to the camera via Bluetooth. This way, you can control the camera from your phone and set a timer and preview your image before you take the photo. The photo then gets sent to your phone.

For those who order through Kickstarter, Podo will be available in August and costs $89. It will retail for $99 starting this fall. The camera has 4GB of memory space and has videos and timelapse options. And the rechargeable battery has a two-hour battery life.

So is the Podo absolutely necessary? Probably not, but with a fairly low price point and portable size, you'll never have to awkwardly harass a stranger to take a group photo of you and your friends again.

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