Many have been waiting for a time in the smartwatch revolution when the devices available actually look like devices that someone might want to wear.

Well, the time for stylish smartwatches has finally arrived, with devices like the LG Watch Urbane, Watch Urbane LTE and the Huawei Watch being at the head of the pack.


As mentioned, these devices are the best-looking Android Wear watches on the market, and quite possibly the best-looking smartwatches in any category.

The LG Watch Urbane is the third smartwatch from LG, and it is essentially a classy version of its sportier brother, the LG G Watch R. It has a bit thicker of a bezel than the Huawei Watch, likely to make more room for the device's internal parts. It comes in three color choices -- silver, gold and black -- and a number of band choices.

The Watch Urbane LTE, surprisingly enough, has a different design than the regular version of the design. It has a curved connector for the band, and three buttons rather than one crown, and is a little less sharp.

As mentioned, the Huawei watch has thinner bezels than the two LG devices. While this is normally a good thing, it seems as though Huawei has had to compensate for the lost space by making the device much thicker. Apart from that, however, the device is very classy. It also has sapphire glass for protection against the elements.


The LG Watch Urbane has one of the better displays for a smartwatch on the market, with a 320 x 320 resolution and a pixel density of 245 ppi. The width of the display is 1.3-inches. The Watch Urbane LTE has the same display.

While the Watch Urbane has a pretty sharp display, the Huawei Watch takes things a step further, with a 1.4-inch display and a pixel density of 286 ppi, essentially meaning that it has the sharpest display on an Android Wear device to date.


Many people purchase smartwatches for their fitness features. The LG Watch Urbane and Watch Urbane LTE have a number of sensors including an accelerometer, compass, GPS and heart rate monitor. Unfortunately, the device is lacking a pedometer, which can be found on the Huawei Watch.

The Huawei Watch does, however lack most of the other sensors, apart from the heart rate monitor.

Other Specs

All the devices come with 4 GB of internal storage, and both the Watch Urbane and Huawei Watch come with 512 MB of RAM. The LG Watch Urbane LTE comes with a full 1 GB of RAM.

It's important to mention that, as the name suggests, the Watch Urbane LTE comes with 4G connectivity, making it more suitable as a standalone device than the others.


All of the watches are great devices. While the Huawei Watch has a slightly better display, it really comes down to design, which is of course, subjective. In any case, you can't lose with these three devices.

Photo Credit: LG

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