Former Heroes and American Horror Story actor, Zachary Quinto, will make his appearance felt when he shows up in season 3 of the hit NBC series, Hannibal. It is not yet sure of Quinto's character will extend beyond a single episode, but what is certain is that he'll be lying on the couch.

From what we've come to understand from a report via Entertainment Weekly, Quinto will be a patient of Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier, but what else will his role contain outside of being just a patient seeking help? After looking into the lore of Hannibal, we've come to realize that Bedelia was attacked by a patient who was manipulated by Hannibal.

If it turns out that Quinto will be playing as this particular patient, then chances are he'll obtain more than a single episode to help viewers get invested in his character.

Hannibal is NBC's hit TV show with a high rating but not that many viewers. It's because of luck why the show manages to acquire a season 3 order, and luck might have to play a role again should it need a 4th season.

The third season is expected to take shape on NBC this summer.

Hannibal follows the life of the notorious serial killer and cannibal, Hannibal Lecter. In the past 2 seasons, Hannibal disguised himself as a psychiatrist, along with a man who enjoys helping the police with various cases, many of which where he was the perpetrator.

It was all a good disguise, as no one knew how dangerous he is and that he was truly a cannibal until it was too late. Season 2 ended with the death and injury of several principal characters, as they faced off against Hannibal but could only come out as second best.

If the show follows the path of the books, then season 3 should see Hannibal taking a trip to France where he will continue eating people by cooking them in some of the most breathtaking ways.

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