Those who stood for equality fought back in the classiest way possible given the fact that they felt the Alabama Supreme Court just symbolically gave hundreds of couples the finger by re-imposing the state-wide ban on same-sex marriage on March 3. Even though the ban was already deemed unconstitutional by a Federal District Court judge.

Star Trek actor George Takei, who is known for being both comedic and vocal on his social media accounts, led the fray. He suggested to all his followers to join him in solidarity against the ban in Alabama on same-sex marriage by uploading photos giving the finger - the ring finger.

Hundreds of supporters -- gay, lesbian, straight, married, and single -- have united and shared photos of themselves proudly holding up their left ring fingers. The hashtags #LuvUAlabama, #freedom2marry, and #EqualityForAll show the uploaders' common goal of making the right to get married extend nationwide to all couples regardless of sexuality.

The wedding finger has gone viral and many supporters are hoping that the Supreme Court of Alabama will reverse the ban on homosexual marriage (again!) once and for all!

All eyes will definitely be on the Yellowhammer State when the right to allow same-sex marriage all over the country will be taken to the highest court next year.

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