Samsung aimed to further incite excitement with the launch of its latest flagship devices, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, by releasing a trio of videos. The latter displays the handsets' notable features in three key areas, particularly in design, camera and hardware features.

The first video, similarly to other "unboxing" videos, depicts the handsets' packaging and designs. The first noticeable thing is the packaging, which is described as "well-designed and really minimalist." It focused the S6 Edge's most distinguishing feature, a dual-edged display, something not found in any other handset. In addition to the unique display, the S6 Edge features the new alert system called "Edge Lighting," which allows the user to see that a message has arrived when the device is not on his person. The lighting is green and stretches from the edge of the device in a straight line.

Another feature, "People Edge," allows the user to choose five favorite contacts. Each contact has a specific color assigned, and when the individual contacts one of them, he taps the color on the tab. The color then stretches toward the left.

The video also made mention of the handset's design, which is made up of a metal casing made from aluminum 6013. This is the same material used in making planes. One thing of note is the mention of, "Basically, this stuff will not bend."

The second video displays the 16 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front camera of both devices. Each of has an F stop of 1.9 which translates to "greater light exposure." Other notable features include a standby camera mode that appears when the device is turned on, an improved autofocus, impressive "zoom-in" for crisper and clearer view of photos, tracking autofocus and the super easy user interface that's filled with various camera modes.

The third video discussed the handsets' hardware features, including both phones' improved performance. It also mentioned that the devices have better battery life.

"The S6 has the world's first 14nm technology, which enables higher performance with lower power consumption," said the video. "That means this thing boots up really fast."

Other features include the ability to keep up when one is playing a graphically-complex game, Smart Manager, super-charging and fast charging ability that allows the user to enjoy 4 hours of usage even after plugging the device on for a mere 10 minutes, Ultra Power Saving mode, embedded wireless charging capability, WPC and PMA compatibility that allows powering the device with most wireless chargers and sleek battery packs as accessories for charging while the user is out. The video also mentioned Samsung Pay for easier mobile payment transactions.

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