J.K. Rowling Celebrates #WorldBookDay With An Adorable Puppy Tweet


J.K. Rowling is celebrating World Book Day with her Twitter followers in the most adorable way possible.

The author of the Harry Potter series cast a cuteness spell on us when she tweeted a puppy representing the house of Gryffindor on Thursday.

Story lovers are known to celebrate the day wearing customs of characters from their favorite books, but that doesn't mean puppies can't show some love either. Rowling also retweeted some of her favorite customs from fans–of course all with the hashtag #WorldBookDay.

And some of these pictures are as cute as the puppy.

If you are thinking about dressing your puppy up in a Harry Potter costume today, just make sure that your pup isn't named after the notorious villains in the books. After one fan tweeted a picture of her cute pup named Bellatrix (named after Bellatrix Lestrange, played by Helena Bonham Carter), Rowling responded that no cute dog should bear such an evil name.

Cast a name-changing spell on your dog and send it off to Hogwarts—or just out for a walk—to celebrate World Book Day today.

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