The Raspberry Pi Linux-based supercomputer, which is only as big as a credit card, has allowed geeks of all ages to learn to code and develop a wide range of projects, all with a low cost of only $35.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has also recently released the Raspberry Pi 2, which packs even more power and more RAM compared to its predecessor.

The Raspberry Pi 2 features a 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex A7 CPU with 1GB SDRAM, making it six times faster, with twice the capacity of the latest version of Raspberry 1, the Model B+.

With all that processing power in such a little device, what can users do with it?

More Powerful Supercomputers

What would any geek do with access to a supercomputer? Build a better one, of course! Raspberry Pi supercomputers can be interconnected to form even more powerful machines, which was something that researchers from the University of Southampton did with the first Raspberry Pi and Lego bricks.

Cloud-based Projects

The Raspberry Pi 2 allows users to upload a project into the cloud. By adding a power supply to the Raspberry Pi then connecting it to a project, users can launch the code to be uploaded to the cloud through the included Internet server.

Retro Arcade Cabinet

The Raspberry Pi, as posted by Instructables user Graham Gelding, can be used to power up an arcade cabinet, which will also be able to function as a computer for browsing the Internet and writing emails.

Two-player Arcade Cabinet

Continuing the video game idea, the Raspberry Pi can also be used to create a full-fledged two-player arcade cabinet for more hardcore players who are looking to get into a game with their friends. The project costs over $300 to make, as posted by Instructables user rolfebox.

Cardboard Quadcopter

Instructables user kayak0806 posted details of an autonomous quadcopter made with cardboard components and powered by the Raspberry Pi. The drone is capable of real-time imaging and wireless communication.

Airplay Speaker

A wireless Airplay speaker is another application of the Raspberry Pi, as posted by Instructables user zwuckl. This will be a great device for users who have heavily invested in several Apple devices for music playback.

Photo Booth Station

For parties and gatherings, the Raspberry Pi can create a photo booth station that can instantly print out taken pictures. An enclosure can also be created for added fun, posted Instructables user safay.

Time Lapse Dolly

Instructables user Rick Adam posted about using the Raspberry Pi to power up a time lapse dolly for taking beautiful time lapse shots, since the professional setups that can be purchased are expensive.

Surveillance camera

Another low-cost version of a device powered by Raspberry Pi was posted by Instructables user scavix, who created a surveillance camera. The video that the camera takes can be viewed online, even through mobile phones.

Teach Others to Code

Perhaps the most important thing that the Raspberry Pi can do is that it can be used to teach computer programming, without having to deal with all the user interface components found in a desktop environment that could hinder learning.

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