Goodyear unveiled the BHO3 concept tire at the 85th Geneva International Motor Show, a tire that could someday change the way electric vehicles work.

The BHO3 concept tire looks to address the real problem of drivers getting anxiety from the range of their electric cars, which is limited by the battery of the vehicle.

Goodyear's goal for the BHO3 concept tire is for it to charge up an electric car's battery while moving on the road, which would ensure that electric cars will always have enough power in their batteries to get drivers and passengers to their desired locations.

To do so, the BHO3 concept tire processes the heat that is generated while driving the electric car and transforms the heat into electric energy that would recharge the battery of the electric vehicle.

"This tire generates electricity through the action of materials in the tire that capture and transform the energy created by heat when it flexes as it rolls during normal driving conditions," Goodyear said.

The tire, which will include a layer of a thermo-piezoelectric material, will also be designed to include ultra-black textured patches that will be able to absorb both heat and light. The patches will take advantage of the power of the sun, as sunlight warms up the car's tires when idle such as while in the parking lot. The absorbed heat will be added to the energy that can be transformed into the electric energy that the car needs.

Other details on the BHO3 tire, however, remain vague, in addition to information regarding the second concept tire that Goodyear unveiled at the event.

The second concept tire comes with three tubes under the tire's tread, along with an internal pump. The pump is capable of adjusting the inflation of the concept tire, which the driver can adjust depending on the prevailing road conditions while driving.

Both the BHO3 tire and the triple-tubed tires are currently tagged as concepts, which mean that it may be quite some time before they are released to the market. However, the BHO3 tire definitely shows promise in allowing electric cars to become more mainstream.

Gasoline-powered vehicles are still prevalent because of the widespread availability of gasoline stations. While charging stations for electric vehicles are cropping up, giving the cars the ability to charge themselves up while they are on the go will greatly expand the travel range of the vehicles, addressing one of the biggest limitations of electric cars.

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