With the recent reports that Apple is going green, developing renewable energy sources, and planning to enter the automobile industry, this latest news might not come as a shocker.

Word around the interwebs is that the Tim Cook-led Apple juggernaut is not-so-secretly in the process of hiring several chip and battery experts from Samsung. A piece which cites "an unnamed Samsung official" claims that numerous Samsung experts were offered better pay and "greater independence" at Apple.

Korea Times (via Apple Insider) managed to break free with the scoop, which also notes that the mutinied employees in question already are fluent in English, so the language barrier wouldn't be an issue over at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, Calif.

This isn't the first time that people are hearing about the tech superpower attempting to pry away rival battery experts. Last week, A123 Systems, a company that makes batteries for electric cars, filed a lawsuit against the iPhone maker, claiming the company was trying to unfairly poach employees from its staff.

While it may be possible that Samsung's experts could be helping Apple build better batteries for its next series of iPhones and iPads, it is really feasible that the company is tapping Samsung to contribute to Apple's growing electric car project. Dubbed "Project Titan," an anonymous source suggests that very theory, saying, "As the electric vehicle business is a new one, Apple needs patents and experts in battery technology. Top human resources firms have been approaching Samsung's battery experts, and I think such human exchange moves are a win-win for both."

With Apple's "Project Titan" likely in its early stages of development, expect any other news pertaining to its interest in electric cars to be muted. We will continue to keep you informed as more develops involving Apple and its electric car dreams.

Photo: Ken Mayer | Flickr

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