Superhero Soccer Video Proves That Jedi Make The Best Goalies


If you had to choose one superhuman character to serve as your team's soccer goalie, who would it be? Superman? Spider-Man? Wolverine?

Wrong, wrong and wrong. Jedi are actually the best goalies in the world, as this YouTube video Super Hero Soccer from Ronnie Street Stunts shows.

It's an all-star sports battle royale as video game characters and comic book superheroes collide. Oh, and Neo is here too. He is kind of a superhero, I guess.

Superman delivers some devastating kicks, Hermione uses magic to slip one past Iron Man and even Mario gets in on the action. Wait, isn't Magneto encasing the soccer ball in metal cheating?

Oh well, who cares. Let's instead focus on this unnamed Jedi and why he is perfect goalkeeper. It probably has something to do with the fact that he can force grab and force push the ball away anytime it even looks like it might go in.

If (somehow) the ball does get to close to comfort, he can always slice it in two with his lightsaber. Considering that the Jedi in the Star Wars films have no problem deflecting hundreds of blaster shots, it shouldn't be much trouble for a Jedi to hit a soccer ball in flight, even if it is being kicked by Superman.

Then out of nowhere Gandalf shows up and ruins all the fun. What a jerk. You can watch more videos from Ronnie Street Stunts here.

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