Rapper Lil Wayne just became the latest victim of a dangerous and growing trend happening to many celebrities these days. He is, however, safe and the whole ordeal was determined to be a big hoax.

The Miami Beach Police Department responded to a call on Wednesday, March 11, to a supposed shooting at Lil Wayne's waterfront home. Law enforcers quickly dispatched a team of officers, K-9 units, and a heavily armed SWAT team. After thoroughly going through the eight-bedroom, 10-bath residence of the artist, the police concluded that it was all a case of something they call "swatting."

Swatting is an alarmingly growing trend wherein individuals prank call officers and prompt the immediate dispatch of an emergency response team, ranging from officers to bomb squads and SWAT teams, to respond to the supposed life-threatening and security risk.

Obviously, this is a serious matter as it can disrupt traffic and can cause serious injury to those around the supposed critical area.

The news first broke online via the MBPD's Twitter page. Up-to-date tweets were posted for those who wanted to follow the drama that was unfolding.

This is the second time in two weeks that the department had responded to a call from Lil Wayne's home. A previous call regarding a suspicious man lurking outside the singer's home prompted police to investigate. The suspect was not apprehended as he was on public property. The department states that they do take all calls seriously and tweeted:

For all those wondering, Officer Ernesto Rodriguez, a spokesman for the MBPD, informed the public that Lil Wayne was not in the premises at the time of the incident.

Record label Young Money Entertainment, which was founded by Lil Wayne, also confirmed that the rapper was safe and unharmed.

The motive behind the "swatting" of Lil Wayne's residence remains unclear. Lil Wayne himself fired back at whoever was responsible for the prank with a tweet:

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