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Police Department Offering To Test Crystal Meth In Louisiana For Zika Virus

The Harahan Police Department posted a warning on Facebook about crystal meth infected with Zika virus. The authorities explained that the aim of the post was to highlight the drug problem in the community.

Public Health January 2, 2019

Former Florida Police Officer Gets 8 Years In Prison For Not Telling Ex He Had HIV

A former Greenacres police officer was sentenced to eight years in prison. The 41-year-old is serving time in prison for not disclosing to his former sexual partner that he contracted HIV.

June 16, 2018

Judge Says That Google Translate Can't Be Used To Authorize Police Search

A U.S. court says that police can't use Google Translate as a means for obtaining consent for a search. A judge said that he was protected by the Fourth Amendment and that Google Translate changed the meaning of the cops' question.

Google June 15, 2018

Florida Cops Go To Man's Funeral To Unlock A Smartphone With His Fingerprints

Detectives in Largo, Florida went to a funeral and tried to unlock a smartphone using the deceased's fingerprints. The attempt was unsuccessful.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 24, 2018

WhatsApp Photo Contained Fingerprint That Helps UK Cops Catch Drug Dealer

Police in the UK was able to extract a fingerprint from a picture sent on WhatsApp to catch a drug dealer. Police are calling the work 'groundbreaking' and implying that it is the future of law enforcement.

Apps/Software April 17, 2018

No Happy Meal: Police Kicks Homeless Man, Good Samaritan Out Of South Carolina McDonald's

After doing a kind deed, Yossi Gallo encountered the unexpected. Together with the homeless man whom he shared a meal with, he was kicked out from a McDonald's at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Viral March 2, 2018

Nokia Still Working After Being Thrown Through Police Car Window

A Nokia phone was thrown at a police car in England and managed to remain undamaged. The phone also did no harm to the police car.

Viral February 12, 2018

'Call Of Duty' Swatting Prank Leads To Death Of Innocent Kansas Man

A local Kansas man has been killed by the police after two kids' dispute over a "Call of Duty" game took an unexpected turn.

Video Games December 30, 2017

Man Trapped Inside ATM Sends Note For Help Through Receipt Slot

An Automated Teller Machine in Texas dispensed notes requesting for freedom to customers. A repairman was apparently trapped behind the machine until someone called police.

Viral July 14, 2017

Reporter Arrested For Asking Questions About GOP Healthcare Bill, Health Secretary Praises Police For The Arrest

A veteran reporter with three decades of experience was arrested for repeatedly asking the Health Secretary a question about the GOP healthcare bill. Authorities charged the journalist with willful disruption of governmental processes.

Business Tech May 11, 2017

TASER Changes Name To Axon, Offers Free Body Cameras To Police Nationwide

Stun gun maker TASER has announced a major movement for the company, beginning with a name change. It has also begun to focus on body camera, software, and training services.

Gadgets April 6, 2017

Engineers Develop Origami-Inspired Bulletproof Shield To Protect Police Officers

A lightweight, portable bulletproof shield inspired by origami has been developed by engineers from Brigham Young University. The lightweight shield is strong enough to deflect bullets from pistols and revolvers.

Material Science February 18, 2017

Michigan Police Begin Monitoring Social Media For Flint Water Crisis Unrest

The online surveillance initiative is geared toward honing in on individuals who are making threats based on their frustration with the tainted water problem.

Internet April 26, 2016

Racial Bias Still Plagues Chicago Police: Task Force Report

A new police task force report painted a disturbing picture of Chicago Police District. It practices racial bias, which is growing in an alarming rate.

Society April 15, 2016

Unicorn In Central California Leads Police In 3-Hour Chase

Juliet, the pony in disguise, escaped from her photoshoot, leading the California Highway Patrol on a three-hour magical chase to recover the Unicorn on the loose.

Internet Culture February 27, 2016

Woman Pulls Over Police Officer For Speeding, Gets Apology

A woman caught a police car speeding in Miami. In the series of videos, she asked the officer to pull over, explained that he is going too fast, then got an apology from him.

Society February 2, 2016

Tokyo Police Will Start Taking 3D Mugshots To Help Catch Criminals At All Angles

Tokyo's Metropolitan Police Department will start taking 3D mugshot of its suspects in custody and store them in a database to make arrests more quickly in the future.

FUTURE TECH January 25, 2016

People With Mental Illness 16 Times At Greater Risk Of Getting Killed By Police

People with mental illness undergo constant health challenges yet they are 16 times more likely to get killed from police encounters. Public policy reforms are needed to ensure that such tragic killings are prevented.

Life December 12, 2015

'South Park' Mocks Police Brutality By Getting Rid Of The Police In The Promo For Season 19, Episode 7 'Naughty Ninjas'

'South Park' shows what life would be like without police in next week's episode, titled 'Naughty Ninjas.'

Movies/TV Shows November 10, 2015

UK Cities To Begin Trialing Drone Use For Police Work

Three cities in the UK are set to begin using drones in conjunction with the police to help with things like searching for missing people and in crime scene photography.

Gadgets November 2, 2015

Terminally Ill Florida Boy Helps Fend Off Zombie Attack

The Pasco County Sheriff's department and some local high school drama students teamed up to surprise a terminally ill boy. Seven-year-old Deputy Spencer Holt beamed with pride after saving the city from a zombie attack.

Internet Culture October 6, 2015

Woman Calls 911 Because of Monkey Business – Literally A Monkey Sitting On Mailbox

A Florida resident called 911 after seeing this monkey, sitting on the mailbox, eating the mail. The police responded and went on a wild "monkey" chase before the owner claimed his lost pet, named "Zeek."

Internet Culture September 30, 2015

'Predictive Policing' Police Program Banks On Data Mining To Anticipate And Prevent Violent Crime

Predictive policing has been dwarfing illegal activities in Kansas City, where data mining and criminal profiling algorithms help police officers pinpoint the violent elements of society.

Society September 27, 2015

Man Uses Mobile Phone To Call 911 From Car To Get Out Of Speeding Ticket

A Florida man who was pulled over for speeding used his cell phone to call 911 and report a fake crime nearby. Now, instead of a traffic ticket, the man faces felony jail time.

September 25, 2015

Justice Department Grants $23 Million In Funding To Spread Use Of Body Cameras Among Law Enforcers

The Justice Department has given its own body camera initiative a multi-million-dollar kickstart. There were, however, fewer police departments granted funds than there were agencies that applied.

Society September 23, 2015

Drone Hits And Knocks Out Woman During Seattle Pride Parade

A drone falls on a woman and knocks her unconscious during the Seattle Pride Parade. The police are searching for the drone pilot.

Society July 1, 2015

Man Likes His Own Wanted Photo On Facebook, Is Subsequently Arrested

Social media can be a great tool for people who want to keep in touch ... or you could like your own Wanted photo and end up in jail by the end of the week.

Internet Culture May 2, 2015

School Group Threatens To Call Police On Parents Whose Kids Play 'Grand Theft Auto'

Let's face it: 'Grand Theft Auto' isn't for kids. That being said, calling the cops on parents whose kids play the game is probably a bit much, but that's exactly what an eductation group in England is doing.

Internet Culture March 30, 2015

Watch Texas Police Detonate 20,000 Pounds Of Illegal Fireworks [Video]

The Midland Police Department in Texas released a video of 20,000 pounds of illegal fireworks being detonated over 3 and a half days.

Internet Culture March 19, 2015

Twitter Makes Reporting Threats To Police Easier Than Ever

Twitter has introduced a new tool for users to be able to combat online abuse, allowing them to receive a summary of their report to the police. Many, however, suggest that this tool is just another way for Twitter to sidestep dealing with the issue itself.

Internet March 18, 2015

Lil Wayne Miami Mansion Shooting Is A Hoax: Police Tag It As #Swatting

Lil Wayne just became the latest victim of swatting.

Movies/TV Shows March 13, 2015

Feds Clear Darren Wilson In Michael Brown Case, Puts Spotlight On Racism Practices Of Ferguson Police

Darren Wilson, the officer who killed Michael Brown, has been cleared of federal civil rights charges. The Department of Justice, however, called for changes to law enforcement practices in Ferguson, where police officers are found to routinely violate the rights of black people.

Society March 6, 2015

Giant Robots Help Direct Traffic In The Democratic Republic Of Congo

Our robot overlords are already here, and they are directing traffic.

Geek March 5, 2015

Man Gets Arrested After Openly Taunting Police On Facebook

After taunting the police on Facebook, 21-year-old Andrew Marcum from Butler County, Ohio turned himself in. The sheriff's office appropriately had some fun with this on social media.

Internet Culture March 4, 2015

'Frozen' For Police Recruitment Video? It Goes Something Like This

'For the First Time in Forever' the Norman Police Department is accepting applications to join the force with this video inspired by the movie 'Frozen.'

Movies/TV Shows February 6, 2015

Civilian Oversight Agency to Evaluate Police Methods Following Denver Cop Killing Teen in Stolen Car

The Office of Independent Monitor is stepping in after Denver police shot to death a 16-year-old teen whom the police claim struck an officer with a stolen car.

Society January 28, 2015

This Man Allegedly Tried to Rape His Nephew's Girlfriend: This Is What Happened to Him

Nephew who savagely beat his uncle says he found him in attempted rape of his girlfriend. Police decline to charge nephew, saying he acted 'in defense (of) the victim.'

Society January 3, 2015

Another Black Teen Killed in Missouri. Is Antonio Martin Another Michael Brown?

A police officer shot and killed 18-year-old Antonio Martin, who pointed a loaded 9mm handgun at the officer.

Society December 26, 2014

First Scientific Report Shows Effectiveness of Police Wearing Body Cameras

The first scientific research studying the use of police body cameras was recently published and shows that body cameras both prevent excessive use of force by police, as well as abusive behavior aimed at police.

Internet Culture December 26, 2014

Hundreds Attend Funeral of Jessica Chambers: Who Set the Mississippi Teen on Fire?

Police are asking the community to help in finding out what happened in last hours of life for teenager burned to death. No leads reported in death of 'big-hearted and kind' 19-year-old.

Society December 14, 2014

Actor Allegedly Skins And Eats Ex-Girlfriend's Pet Rabbit; Insists It's All A Misunderstanding

Angry boyfriend skins and eats your rabbit -- scary. Man then says he will do the same to you? Better call the police.

Movies/TV Shows December 12, 2014

Is Pirate Bay Unsinkable? File-sharing Site Back Online Following Raid of Swedish Police

The Pirate Bay was knocked offline on a global scale following the raid of the Swedish police. Part of the raid includes seizure of the company’s servers and other equipment.

Internet December 10, 2014

Michigan Cops Pull Drivers Over for Tickets, Give Them Holiday Presents Instead

Police play Santa, give out gifts instead of traffic citations. YouTube video of gift giving by cops goes viral.

Society December 10, 2014

#ICantBreathe: Protests Not Just on Streets, Twitter Explodes with Powerful Thoughts

Twitter explodes with #ICantBreathe tweets demanding justice and change in America.

Internet Culture December 5, 2014

#CrimingWhileWhite Sheds Light On Racial Double Standard Following Eric Garner Decision

A Staten Island grand jury decided not to indict police officer Daniel Pantaleo for the death of an unarmed African American, which sparked more protests regarding race and police.

Internet Culture December 4, 2014

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