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Millions Of Mosquitoes Released In Miami: Here's Why This Is A Good Thing

Millions of mosquitoes were released in South Miami's Brewers Park. The mosquitoes, however, are special, as they are bred in a laboratory to carry the naturally occurring Wolbachia bacteria, which will help control the insect's population.

Public Health February 9, 2018

Unconscious Man's 'Do Not Resuscitate' Tattoo Baffled Doctors: What Was The Right Thing To Do?

Emergency doctors were baffled on what to do when an unconscious man with a 'Do Not Resuscitate' tattoo was wheeled into the emergency room. The medical staff had to ask ethical consultants if the request should be honored.

Public Health December 3, 2017

Woman Pulls Over Police Officer For Speeding, Gets Apology

A woman caught a police car speeding in Miami. In the series of videos, she asked the officer to pull over, explained that he is going too fast, then got an apology from him.

Society February 2, 2016

Toddler Who Shot Himself In The Head Miraculously Survives

Three months after the tragedy, a three-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself in the head is now in recovery. Doctors say his case is miraculous.

Life November 11, 2015

Audi Launches 'Audi At Home' Vehicle-Sharing Service In San Francisco And Miami

Audi has just announced 'Audi At Home.' The service enables residents of the LUMINA condominium in San Francisco or the Four Seasons in Miami to book cars with their mobile phones.

Apps/Software November 10, 2015

Rising Sea Level Will Drown Miami, New Orleans Regardless Of Efforts To Counter Climate Change: Study

Researchers found that several U.S. cities are at risk of becoming submerged in water because of the impact of global warming on the rise and fall of sea levels. Miami and New Orleans are two such cities mentioned in the report.

Animals October 15, 2015

Snails As Big As Tennis Shoes Becoming Huge Problem For Florida Residents

Florida has a big snail problem. The African land snail population is growing, so state officials have to act fast and effectively to eradicate the snails.

Earth/Environment August 7, 2015

Miami Blood Bank Closed By FDA Due To Numerous HIV-Related Violations

For committing a number of violations, a blood bank in Miami was closed down by the FDA. The agency has not done anything like this in more than 10 years.

Life July 18, 2015

New Lab In Miami Can Create Hurricanes With A Flick Of A Switch

Named the Surge Structure Atmosphere Interaction, or Sustain, the laboratory will help researchers understand what causes some storms to fizzle out and some storms to grow into epic proportions.

Animals May 31, 2015

Lil Wayne Miami Mansion Shooting Is A Hoax: Police Tag It As #Swatting

Lil Wayne just became the latest victim of swatting.

Movies/TV Shows March 13, 2015

$4.8 Million: Amount Of Gold Stolen In Armored Truck Heist In North Carolina

Armed robbers hijacked an armored truck parked alongside Interstate 95, and went away with 275 pounds of gold bars. The loot was estimated to be worth more than $4 million.

Society March 3, 2015

Someone Actually Stole A Picasso From an Art Fair In Miami

The world-renowned art fair Art Miami went out with a bang this weekend. Someone actually walked off with a piece of work by Pablo Picasso.

Movies/TV Shows December 8, 2014

Century-old hot spot Tobacco Road in Miami closes its doors

The iconic 103-year-old bar in Miami - Tobacco Road - closed its doors over the weekend to make way for developers. However, the bar - once the haunt of Al Capone - will reopen at a new venue soon.

Business October 27, 2014

AT&T deploying GigaPower network service in Austin, Miami

AT&T is launching its fastest Internet service available in Austin, Texas, with Miami to follow. The new speeds can get as high as 1 Gbps, putting those regions at the top for speedy Internet service, and heating up the competitive space.

Internet August 12, 2014

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