As anyone on the Internet will tell you, everything was better back in the '90s. The movies, the commercials, and especially the TV shows. One of the best examples of this was The X-Men Animated Series, which first aired back in 1992; it's widely regarded as one of the best animated Marvel projects ever, and the show was a massive hit for both Marvel and Fox when it originally aired.

Of course, nothing lasts forever, and after five glorious seasons, X-Men came to a close.

Many thought it would be the last time that the animated X-Men would ever see the light of day, but Marvel had other plans. As part of its upcoming Secret Wars event, Marvel is bringing the 1992 X-Men back after more than two decades, but it's not as part of an animated series. This time, the 1992 X-Men will debut as part of an all-new digital-first comic.

Polygon broke the news earlier today after Marvel officially announced the new X-Men digital comic. Officially titled X-Men '92, the series was created from the ground-up with digital comics in mind, and Marvel has optimized the series for reading on a touchscreen as a part of the publisher's Infinite line. That being said, the comic will still be available in print, though Marvel is clearly pushing its digital system first.

Marvel Comics' editor-in-chief Alex Alonso summed it up rather well:

"For many of us, animated series based on the Marvel characters, with their exciting and accessible stories, provided a fresh new entry point for a new generation of Marvel fans. Now, through the magic of our digital-only Infinite Comic format, the new Secret Wars digital-exclusive X-Men '92 series will recapture the unique energy of the animated storytelling and continue to grow the legion of Marvel fans."

Even from the cover alone, it's easy to tell that everyone's favorite mutants from the '90s are back. There is still a bit of a wait until the comic is available for purchase, so fans will just have to make do with listening to that awesome theme song for the millionth time:

The first issue of X-Men '92 is set for digital release in May, with a print debut following in June, and both issues will be priced at $3.99.
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